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Below is information about the "Claim a Blurty Journal User" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:claim_a_bjuser (10750)
Name:Claim a Blurty Journal User


1) This user must be on your friend list, and also list you as a friend.
2) There's one claim per person, else you do something special for the community
3) NONE: racism, homophobia, sexism, fighting, etc.
4) A user cannot be claimed more than once!
5) You can share a user, only if both people who want that user agree to it, and the user does, too.
6) If you do not want to be claimed by whomever claims you, drop them a note as a comment and most likely I'll see it and change the claimed users page for ya.
7) Please link me on your profile page. On your userinfo page, or your main page, just put something like 'I claimed/own/am owned by (insert name here) at Claim a ~BJ User~' or something oo;
8. if you are going to expose your community in here, please put the subject like Exposing Community or My Community or something, it'll be easier for me to update so I just skep over it and stuff.
9. please if you are claiming someone use the lj user tag or put their sn in () so I know which name is their sn and stuff.

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Special Thanks To... ~*~
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1_r3_1 claimed by melli
11_11 claimed by eye_sore
823 claimed by biikini

___850 claimed by fallingxstars
__mediocre claimed by exit
_britbearkisses claimed by kaos124
_dragonfly claimed by lostgirl
_imwithyou claimed by sweet
_lana claimed by clark
_michiru claimed by the_dying_sheep
_nazi claimed by _ghoulgirl
_punkiish_ claimed by tiickle_me_punk
_ragnarok claimed by darkfairy13
_simply_b3auty claimed by boiicrazii
_static claimed by chelseaxcore

adampb96 claimed by achieve
aimee claimed by smurfy
allison claimed by ry
angelxrumours claimed by casualxabuse
animatedsoul claimed by woody123uk2001
animelyricsforu claimed by maliknotenshi
annabel_lee claimed by feltonbabe
another_girl claimed by hanyou
anthony claimed by ness
anthonyxc7 claimed by star_shaped_box
arucard claimed by sasuke
ashuhleey claimed by tantucky
ataris_freak claimed by baby_
avadakedavra claimed by moulinrouge
ayumi claimed by himiko

babezaliici0us claimed by unfo0lish
badboi69 claimed by mmm_melly
barbershop claimed by interruption
bearable claimed by lauriful
beautifulsecret claimed by xxd0rkx
bitter_tears claimed by jaybear
black_cellular claimed by navy_cellular
blonde_squared claimed by playbunni_th0ng
bloody_dream claimed by nephilum
bloody_halo claimed by pnkkittycatongc
bluedragonness claimed by sakur4ros3s
boiicrazii claimed by _simply_b3auty
bonita claimed by italianbebii
br0ken_d0llx claimed by fallen_kisses
brenten claimed by bcifuckingsaid
brilliance_0x claimed by breathtaking
broken_life claimed by erk_my_mom
brokenfaerie3 claimed by lets_crak_stars
bubbliciousbabe claimed by sh00ting_stars
buy_me claimed by deademotions

cardcaptor claimed by divulge
casualxabuse claimed by grrrowlkitty
cat_lover_2002 claimed by igotcrack
catat0nia claimed by jellies
cauldren_o_fire claimed by star_kitten
chelseaxcore claimed by _static
cheerybee claimed by stick
cherrycoke_ claimed by innocent_dreamz
chewbaccasbitch claimed by bpddjeoomon
chunkydarla claimed by purpie_skies
clocky228 claimed by strohs
controlfreak225 claimed by daughtersofpunk
corky claimed by poppy
crawling claimed by twisted_kiwi
crazymazgirl claimed by _corey
cutewithouthee claimed by sh00ting_stars
cxplicated claimed by common_d
cyro claimed by kamijo

d0rkiish claimed by k1tten
damask claimed by silent_lucidity
ddrmaniac17 claimed by strawberryblush
deademotions claimed by buy_me
death_by_metal claimed by yellow
delloj claimed by xdirtyxpopx
detonate claimed by _careless
devoted claimed by spiderwebs
diabla claimed by sexteen
digitalsiren claimed by skyechilde
dilirium claimed by radiocambodia
dirtydenim claimed by gc_wh0re
divulge claimed by cardcaptor
doctweezer44 claimed by bmogroupie

emo claimed by punk
emxtion claimed by temptati0n2
erk_my_mom claimed by broken_life
error claimed by cant_be_perfect
esclavage_sethy claimed by bitterdream
exit claimed by __mediocre
extensions claimed by innocent_dreamz
extroverted claimed by tears_of_pearls
evilllawngnome claimed by rickmaniac101

f_it claimed by lou
fadingentity claimed by crimsonregret_x
falsenail0nwall claimed by sh00ting_stars
famous claimed by qlamour
fancyshoes claimed by anotherday
fantasize claimed by bonita
fauxbeautyx claimed by xto0sexyx
fayelyth claimed by ashre
fiesty claimed by fickle
freakiishh claimed by sourapplekicker
freakypeanut claimed by pixie_punk
french_fry_pie claimed by xtviruskissesx
friendbear2005 claimed by xogrumpybearxo
forgotten_ claimed by ppenguinn
fvcktoi claimed by plastikvoid

geeklikewoah_claimed by surgery
gunther claimed by xblazze5051

hanyou claimed by another_girl
haruki claimed by jido
hc_superstar claimed by thegirlsasnob
hil claimed by fake_nails_xx
hillary claimed by sabrina
himiko claimed by ayumi
hot_cherries claimed by peaches_o5
hotlikebutter claimed by riotbitch

i_go_rawr claimed by xoxsunshinexox
igotcrack claimed by cat_lover_2002
incoherent_x claimed by xsympathyx
infamous_kri claimed by invincible_kt
inmyeyes claimed by winternights
inugamicircus claimed by meggi
invincible_kt claimed by infamous_kri
italianbebii claimed by aeshortii
italianlady82 claimed by kingzilla

jaded claimed by out
jason_behr claimed by katherine_behr
jaybear claimed by bitter_tears
jellies claimed by catat0nia
jenn_luva71703 claimed by benjiz_eyeliner
jido claimed by haruki
juniper138 claimed by _blondie_
junkpile claimed by heartcold
juunanagou claimed by integrasama

karasu claimed by ladygeekster
katherine_behr claimed by jason_behr
kidreject claimed by _robotic
kiinky claimed by kinky_chryste
killrockstars claimed by writtenrevolt
kimberley claimed by icomeundone
kinky_chryste claimed by kiinky
kireina_yukie claimed by yuri_tengoku
kittie claimed by anthony
kumagoro claimed by marshmallow
kurt_cobain claimed by monoxide_child
kyoami claimed by mewtwo

lady_lina claimed by mexrican
ladygeekster claimed by karasu
lei claimed by summerlovinbabe
lilacdemile claimed by gwyn
lildevil85sm claimed by _imwithyou
lilpinkladee11 claimed by lilsh0rty
lick_me_here claimed by lusciouskiss
llama_not_camel claimed by xxstrangegrrlxx
lonely_eyes claimed by starbrights
lostgirl claimed by _dragonfly
lovemebaby claimed by wallflowers
loving claimed by _babyphat_
lucidmix claimed by rude
luckystar11 claimed by shortii_dimplez
lusciouskiss claimed by wishonastar

macabre claimed by white_cellular
man_at_arms claimed by femalefrater
marshmallow claimed by kumagoro
matt_ claimed by erection
meggi claimed by inugamicircus
mestupriotgrl claimed by emptythoughts
mexrican claimed by lady_lina
miccha claimed by bondageseraph
miyukkoro claimed by sealed_tears
mmm_melly claimed by taintedthoughts
mokona_onna claimed by kyoami
moon_monster claimed by uberspiral
morbidsoulkeepr claimed by thebutterfly
motivatedxdream claimed by blackxteardrops
moulinrouge claimed by avadakedavra
my_ey3s claimed by marionette
mythril78 claimed by xbleedingheartx

nabeshin claimed by seras
natzy claimed by defunktx
navy_cellular claimed by black_cellular
nephilum claimed by bloody_dream
nigguh_please claimed by essences

okiichichi claimed by trustyouforever
onexmorexnight claimed by psychoticrowe
out claimed by jaded
overdose claimed by filth

p0pstar_ash claimed by punk3d_owt
p1nknesz claimed by sugarpunk_xxx
pacifiers claimed by trevor
paran0id claimed by cake_or_death
passi0nate_kiss claimed by xocherrimox
peaches_o5 claimed by hot_cherries
phobic claimed by roxie
pierresalien claimed by motivatedxdream
pinkpixisitx16 claimed by xgxblackstarsxc
pixie_punk claimed by extroverted
plastikvoid claimed by fvcktoi
playbunni_th0ng claimed by blonde_squared
pluvsa911 claimed by ixiamandaixi
poisoned_star claimed by tragetica
poisson claimed by rosiel
polkadotvanity claimed by xperfect_scarsx
popkarr claimed by princesscilla
poppy claimed by corky
potion claimed by annabel_lee
ppenguinn claimed by forgotten_
prettiful claimed by piinkskateboard
princesscilla claimed by popkarr
pry0_leprechaun claimed by gwenn
psychotickitten claimed by xpsychoxsporkx
psychoticrowe claimed by onexmorexnight
puggs claimed by jojoontheradio
punk3d_owt claimed by p0pstar_ash

qlamour claimed by famous
qtwitabooty claimed by obsession
quixotic_pen claimed by eaichu250

rawr__ claimed by wasted_dreams
redrocketgirl claimed by watchmakergod
reenie claimed by static_fluff
riddlen_kids claimed by _babypinkkissez
riotbitch claimed by hotlikebutter
rosiel claimed by poisson
roxannexx claimed by miss_russian
roxie claimed by phobic
ry claimed by allison

s0phistication claimed by christiina
sabrina claimed by hillary
sadmettool claimed by uotani
sakur4ros3s claimed by bluedragonness
sasuke claimed by arucard
scarlett claimed by slytherinkitten
sealed_tears claimed by miyukkoro
seras claimed by nabeshin
serial claimed by pzych0
sessh_sama claimed by setou_kaiba
sexfaeries claimed by bitter_abyss
sexteen claimed by diabla
sh00ting_stars claimed by broken_fool
shatter claimed by spandex_wombat
shattered_dream claimed by piink_th0ngz
sheshe505 claimed by basketcase
shinji_01 claimed by ass_mar
sho0k_one claimed by lost_ruby6892
shortii_dimplez claimed by luckystar11
silent_lucidity claimed by damask
sinaddict claimed by babygirljade
sip_bacardi claimed by infatuation_x
slipknotzspitti claimed by ragging
slkillllz claimed by live_from_ny
sloopygirl21 claimed by specialaupps
slowlydying07 claimed by dancinchick38
smo0thiiez claimed by adorkable182
so_what_if claimed by tothemax
soft claimed by lustfull
sohma_kagami claimed by souma_hatsuharu
solaris claimed by cosmic_castaway
souma_hatsuharu claimed by sohma_kagami
spaceship claimed by corpse
spandex_wombat claimed by shatter
spiderwebs claimed by devoted
spoiled25 claimed by supersara13
spontanous claimed by dulcet
st0le claimed by tantalizin
starbrights claimed by lonely_eyes
static_fluff claimed by reenie
stupid_ass claimed by hatefully
succubus_master claimed by sinfully_sweet
suetblog claimed by lesarath
sullengirl_6543 claimed by brokensky
summerlovinbabe claimed by lei
sun_goes_down claimed by tessaiga
supersara13 claimed by cherrykissez143
surrealrose claimed by greenangel
sweet claimed by _rockstar_
sweetii claimed byloving
sweetlipz claimed by sweet_laydii
sweetnostalgia claimed by spunker

taylormarie claimed by endless_tears
tantalizin claimed by st0le
tardcore_xtyna claimed by bitterxpills
tasteful claimed by thugmamii
tempt claimed by kissable
temptati0n2 claimed by emxtion
tessaiga claimed by sun_goes_down
test claimed by vdub
tezuka_shinobu claimed by spaztcweezl
thegirlsasnob claimed by hc_superstar
thehyacinthgirl claimed by livesnotlived
toxic claimed by 551
tragedian claimed by pixiecorpse
truly claimed by zazu
trumpet16 claimed by systemfreak1
twisted_kiwi claimed by crawling

under_the_stars claimed by seventhkitten
unfaithful_x claimed by sweet_ashley
uotani claimed by sadmettool

vdub claimed by bitterfly

walking_problem claimed by xk1ll_m3_f4ster
wallflowers claimed by lovemebaby
watchmakergod claimed by redrocketgirl
watchmebleed claimed by yourfreakyqueen
whippersnapper claimed by booya
white_cellular claimed by macabre
whiteautumn claimed by niji
winternights claimed by inmyeyes
whofarted claimed by burning_mirrors
whorish claimed by forever_
wiished claimed by embraces
woody123uk2001 claimed by animatedsoul

xberryblondex claimed by __scandalous
xblazze5051 claimed by gunther
xbrokenstars claimed by porcelainxstar
xd0rkx claimed by alaina
xdreamy_kissezx claimed by sweet_kisses
xgxblackstarsxc claimed by pinkpixisitx16
xk1ll_m3_f4ster claimed by walking_problem
xoalyssaox claimed by missxwhatuwantx
xocherrimox claimed by passi0nate_kiss
xpsychoxsporkx claimed by psychotickitten
xroughdraftx claimed by _hiphip
xto0sexyx claimed by xdreamy_kissezx

yourfreakyqueen claimed by shedevil
yukiyuki claimed by sekzibaka
Interests:51: aim, anime, bj users, boyfriend, boyfriends, chatting, claim, claiming, claims, couples, creativity, cuddling, dreaming, dreams, family, flirting, flowers, friends, gift, gifts, girlfriend, girlfriends, glitter, hanging out, happiness, having fun, in love, journals, kisses, kissing, livejournal, love, loved ones, making out, manga, me, members, my friends, night, partying, present, presents, relationship, relationships, romance, rose, roses, smiling, stuff, us, you
Members:302: 021303, 551, adorkable182, aeshortii, agaetis, air_freshener, alaina, angeli, animatedsoul, annabel_lee, another_girl, arucard, ass_mar, babygirljade, baby_, basketcase, bcifuckingsaid, beam, benjiz_eyeliner, biikini, biri, bitterdream, bitterxpills, bitter_abyss, bitter_tears, blonde_squared, bloody_dreams, bloody_halo, bluedragonness, bmogroupie, bondageseraph, booya, breathtakinq, brokensky, broken_fool, broken_life, cake_or_death, cant_be_perfect, caranundomiel, casualxabuse, catat0nia, cat_lover_2002, chelseaxcore, cherrykissez143, christiina, clark, conor, converse, corky, crawling, crimsonregret_x, damask, dancinchick38, darkfairy13, daughtersofpunk, deademotions, deathofautumn, defunktx, devoted, didi83, dreamy, eaichu250, emo, emxtion, endless_tears, erection, erika, essences, everlastingkey, extroverted, eye_sore, faeries, fake_nails_xx, fallen_kisses, fallingxstars, famous, forever_ending, forgotten_, fvcktoi, geeklikewoah_, goddessjericha, greenangel, grrrowlkitty, gunther, gwenn, gwyn, haruki, hatefully, hc_superstar, hidden_em0tions, himiko, himura_ken, hotlikebutter, hot_cherries, iamkir, icomeundone, igotcrack, iitaliana, infamous_kri, infatuation_x, inmyeyes, innocent_dreamz, integrasama, interruption, invincible_kt, italianbebii, ixiamandaixi, jellies, jido, jlowannabetat, jojoontheradio, k1tten, kakatuwa, kamijo, kanariya, kaos143, karasu, katherine_behr, kingzilla, kinky_chryste, kopophobic_fae, kumagoro, kurt_cobain, kyoami, ladygeekster, lauriful, lesarath, lets_crak_stars, level27girl, livesnotlived, live_from_ny, llama_not_camel, lonely_eyes, lonely_image, lostgirl, lost_ruby6892, lou, luckystar11, lusciouskiss, maliknotenshi, mauisurf, meggi, melli, mewtwo, mikes, milkis, missxwhatuwantx, miss_russian, mistydreamer, miyukkoro, mmm_melly, monoxide_child, motivatedxdream, nabeshin, natzy, nephilum, ness, niji, obsession, omi, out, p0pstar_ash, paradise__, passi0nate_kiss, peaches_o5, piink_th0ngz, pinkpixisitx16, pink_champagne, pixiecorpse, pixie_punk, platypusherder, playbunni_th0ng, pnkkittycatongc, poisson, popkarr, porcelainxstar, ppenguinn, princesscilla, psychotickitten, punk, punk3d_owt, puppy_love, purpie_skies, purplepretzel, pzych0, qlamour, ragging, ravenousmisery, redrocketgirl, rickmaniac06, rickmaniac101, riotbitch, rosiel, sadmettool, sakur4ros3s, sasuke, sealed_tears, sekzibaka, seras, sexfaeries, sexteen, sh00ting_stars, shady_babii, shatter, shedevil, shortii_dimplez, silent_lucidity, sinfully_sweet, sixmillionjews, skyechilde, slkillllz, slytherinkitten, smellhere, smurfy, snowy, sohma_kagami, souma_hatsuharu, spandex_wombat, spaztcweezl, spiderwebs, spunker, st0le, star_kitten, star_shaped_box, static_fluff, stephiie, stick, stoned_bunni, strawberryblush, sugarpunk_xxx, summerlovinbabe, sunlight, sun_goes_down, supersara13, surgery, sweetiepiejess, sweetvanilla, sweet_ashley, sweet_kisses, systemfreak1, tears_of_pearls, tempt, temptati0n2, tensorveli, tessaiga, thebutterfly, thegirlsasnob, thugmamii, tiger01, tiickle_me_punk, toothnnail, tothemax, tragedian, tragetica, trustyouforever, twisted_kiwi, twix, uberspiral, unfo0lish, uotani, urblinkgirly, urine, vdub, watchmakergod, whiteautumn, winternights, wishonastar, woody123uk2001, writous, xblazze5051, xbleedingheartx, xbrokenreality, xdirtyxpopx, xdreamy_kissezx, xgxblackstarsxc, xk1ll_m3_f4ster, xocherrimox, xoxsunshinexox, xperfect_scarsx, xpsychoxsporkx, xto0sexyx, xxd0rkx, xxlil_playboy, xxstrangegrrlxx, yellow, yourfreakyqueen, yuri_tengoku, _blondie_, _chaos_mouse_, _cherished_, _corey, _dancerr, _dragonfly, _hiphip, _kyo_kun_, _robotic, _rockstar_, _simply_b3auty, _static, _useher, _void, __mediocre
Watched by:49: biri, bitterdream, blonde_squared, bloody_halo, brokensky, broken_life, caranundomiel, cherrykissez143, citystars18, cosmic_castaway, deathofautumn, didi83, essences, extroverted, eye_sore, fvcktoi, grrrowlkitty, hot_cherries, infatuation_x, invincible_kt, kumagoro, kurt_cobain, kyoami, lauriful, lets_crak_stars, lonely_eyes, lonely_image, luckystar11, mexrican, obsession, omi, out, passi0nate_kiss, pixie_punk, pnkkittycatongc, purpie_skies, rainmaker, ravenousmisery, sealed_tears, silent_lucidity, sixmillionjews, snowy, strawberryblush, tensorveli, tessaiga, xgxblackstarsxc, _chaos_mouse_, _kyo_kun_, __mediocre
Account type:Early Adopter

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