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Below is information about the "Blurty cKy Alliance" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:cky_alliance (113876)  
Name:Blurty cKy Alliance
Website:Official CKY site
About:cKy deserves recognition. with all the shit popular bands right now on mtv, its nice to hear good solid rock. and that's why we're all here. if you join, please fucking post. you fucking numbnuts. post reviews of shows seeing as how they are now on tour, post questions, post whatever. just post. no fighting. no teenyboppers like "omg, jess is SO much hawter than deron is!" thats bullshit. you'll be kicked out. if you argue, you will be kicked out. so dont get kicked out. oh, and dont join just to say "cky can kiss my ass. they suck. they cant even skateboard! i hate bam margera!" yeah, well, bam isnt even in cky and who the hell cares what you think? not us. there will be no harassment and no icon stealing. so far, 2 people from this community has stolen my old cky icon and one of those people stole another icon of mine. please note that THIS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.

if you have any ideas to make this community more kickass, please contact the maintainer.

speak of the devil... backwards so fuCKYou.

-due to confusion, this note is just to state that in this community, you can talk about the crew and and band. however, please refrain from jackass posts.

[Hey .. I want posting! This is making me sad.] - Zoe, moderator.
Interests:57: adio, antiquing, april margera, art webb 1986, ass, audis, bam margera, bikes, bran, brandon dicamillo, brans ill freestyles, camp kill yourself, cars, chad ginsburg, chris hanna, chris raab, cky, cky landspeed, cky2k, cky3, cky4, concerts, deron miller, foreign objects, gayfags, gnarkill, haggard, haggard shit, hard rock, him, hoofbite, infiltrate.destroy.rebuild, island def jam, jackass, jenn rivell, jess margera, jumping off shit, keykey, making videos, mustard man, phil margera, prank phone calls, raab himself, rake yohn, rudy & blitz, ryan dunn, shit, shitting, shopping carts, skateboarding, the cky alliance, the cky shoe, tony hawk, vern zaborowski, volume 1, volume 2, west chester pa
Members:120: anarchyburger, animations, antiflag_007, antitrust, ashzilla, backwards, bamb00zled, bambam, beeenused, bellyupgoldfish, billy_martingc, black_bullet420, bloodytears666, blueandyellow, boundandgagged, c6k6y6, canadiangirl13, captian_anarchy, chickvicious_, cky4lyfe, ckygurl05, ckyrock, darkhumor, darkstars20, deathsangel, deprave, dichotomy, drivingblindx, eaterofcorpses, emotionoverload, exquisitered, fake_romances, firespook, forgotten182, genesis__12a, get_over_it, glassdanseworld, hawkster182, heyxlush, homiefromthe80s, hopefulsuicidal, hxctilltheendx, iamsporadic666, idiot_box, ilovegc2, iluvincubus, inhumanlove_, insolence, i_take_drugs, jessticles, jezzika666, kandii_x, kiddvicious84, kn0xville, learning2skate, lilbamz, lipstick_gloss, listinin2nofx, loserdotcom07, love_in_death, luin, makeitlast, marejaney, mestjunkie, midnitestar, minidrini, mrs_jordison, mute_me, myselfoverme, neckinthenoose, only_one_love, peso, pickurpoisonxx, piink_gliitterr, prettytragedyx, promiscuous_x, psycho_kiddo, punkrazors, pure_n_sassy, qtcatqueen88, r0ckslave, rancid007, rancideyes, random_assclown, rebel_yell, riot_punk, rokstarskater, roughxdraft, serax, shadyz, singerchic13, sk8rgrrl, skankinrudey, skater_god, solitary_girl, so_dorky, sporadic, sporadicmovment, star_kitten, static1987, stitches, sudden_collapse, sweetacidx, tara03110, thesmurf, tina_sucks, upforsale, vaginal_jesus, villesbutterfly, volcompunk21dh, whitestripes55, wwend, x0_nightiingale, xendlessxdarkx, xletsmurderx, xpink_bubblex, xticklemeroxyx, _huggs_, _perfectscar, __knivesnkisses
Watched by:44: antitrust, bambam, billy_martingc, darkstars20, dichotomy, drivingblindx, eaterofcorpses, exquisitered, genesis__12a, get_over_it, glassdanseworld, heyxlush, iluvincubus, insolence, jessticles, learning2skate, listinin2nofx, love_in_death, luin, makeitlast, marejaney, midnitestar, mute_me, neckinthenoose, only_one_love, prettytragedyx, qtcatqueen88, random_assclown, rebel_yell, singerchic13, sk8rgrrl, skankinrudey, skater_god, solitary_girl, spreadtheblood, sudden_collapse, tara03110, thesmurf, villesbutterfly, volcompunk21dh, whitestripes55, xendlessxdarkx, xletsmurderx, xticklemeroxyx
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