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User:cinematic (161787)
AOL IM:uh yo wtf man (Add Buddy, Send Message)

( THE GiRL )
My name is Kim. I'm fourteen years old and i'm a chick. I live in Buckingham Pennsylvania which is one of the most anal retentive and wealthy places i've ever seen. i go to HMS (holicong middle school) and i'm in 9th grade. i don't have too many hobbies other than writing, reading, and livejournal. i love my friends but i get pissed off rather easily. blame it on my sensitivity. i don't have a car or a job but i've got a guitar to my name and i'm having fun learning how to stop sucking at it. i don't have a typical style of clothing or anything, but my hair is always black and my eyes are always brown. and until i grow a little, i'm still 5'4".

Right now i'm 100% single. i just got out of my most serious relationship and i'm looking forward to having fun. i do, however, have it bad for this boy who will remain nameless until further notice but i recently found out he doesn't feel the same. stings, but i think i'll recover.

I love Marilyn Manson to pieces. Great musician as well as an incredible band. They've been my favourite since 8th grade, which isn't that long of a time but nothing's changed my love for the music. my favourite colours are black and pink and i love rainbows. My favourite television show is "Will and Grace" although i don't usually watch a lot of tv. I'm a complete computer nerd. Unhealthy? Maybe, but who cares. I loveeee tacos and coca cola. Soda is one of the best inventions ever. My livejournal friends are my favourite people. You guys make me smile every day. Along with my online friends, i absolutely adore Dana and Evan and Megan. I don't have a favourite sport or anything, but i love to swim and shoot free-throws in basketball. Right now i'm completely loving the movie How to Deal but i can't say it's my favourite. Other than that, i can't say i favour anything else specifically.

aim: uh yo wtf man
phone: ask me <3`

Interests:121: adam sandler, alkaline trio, amélie, anti-flag, art, art films, at the drive in, being alone, black, blink 182, blood, blue, books, boots, bright eyes, british, candy, chris martin, clouds, coldplay, computers, cursive, cynicism, dashboard confessional, dead kennedys, devon sawa, directing, dolls, donnie darko, drawing, dyed hair, eddie kaye thomas, eve 6, eyeliner, fall, finch, food, french, garbage, girl interrupted, glassjaw, goldfinger, guitar, halloween, hank harris, hate, horror, hot water music, idle hands, incubus, internet, irony, jack off jill, jay mohr, jimmy eat world, journals, kittie, kitties, letters to cleo, lighting shit on fire, livejournal, love, lyrics, marilyn manson, memeing out lj interests, mest, michael goorjian, mike my love, mindless self indulgence, modest mouse, movies, music, mxpx, nin, nirvana, noah bastian, nofx, notebooks, old afi, orgy, our lady peace, paintings, photography, pictures, pink, poetry, prozac nation, rain, rancid, reading, reel big fish, rock, romance, rufio, sarcasm, save ferris, saves the day, scars, seth green, smashing pumpkins, soda, stitches, sublime, taking back sunday, techno, telepathy, the early november, the get up kids, the juliana theory, the offspring, the strokes, the word 'multitude', the word 'psuedo', thrice, thursday, tragedy, unwritten law, wicca, will and grace, window seats, writing
Friends:7: countingtozero, exploder_, melissatheflea, monochrome, pop_whore, _fade, _rotten
Friend of:5: exploder_, melissatheflea, pop_whore, _fade, _rotten
Account type:Early Adopter

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