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User:cindel (176901)
Name:For Anyone But You
Website:My Livejournal That I Looooooove.
Bio:All right. A bio? Here we go.

This is me:

Yeah, I know. I'm cute.

This is my journal. Sometimes I'm rational, sometimes [[most times?]] I'm not. Deal with it. I am probably one of the most honest and blunt people you will ever have the priviledge or talking to. I am also very tempermental at times, and have the distinct qualities of someone who is bi-polar. I enjoy being not part of the mold, and having a terrific insight. I am not as dumb as people might like to think. I am very observant, and it is something that I like to do. Sometimes I am loud, but others I am quiet and like to sit back and take in my surroundings. I enjoy meeting new people and shocking them because with never know what will happen next. I can be perceived as timid, but wait until you know me. I enjoy being an excellent jugde of character. And oh yeah - I swear a lot.

I am an 18-year-old student at Dalhousie University. I am a History major, and I am minoring in Journalism as well. My interest is in pre-during-and-post World War history. I am incredibly fascinated by that topic. I plan on living in Europe in a few years to write for The Times and because I feel as though I might find myself there. Wish me luck.

Music is my life. My musical tastes vary incredibly. I love emo and screamo. My favourite groups are Northstar, Taking Back Sunday, Thursday, and The Beautiful Mistake. I also listen to what I like to refer to as "neo-punk" [[groups such as Good Charlotte, Blink 182, Not By Choice, Simple Plan and the like]]. I am incredibly into girl rockers as well. Ani DiFranco, Sarah McLachlan, Emm Gryner, Martina Sorbara, Jewel and Jann Arden grace my cd collection. My all-time favourite groups are the Smashing Pumpkins and Nirvana. Both Billy Corgan and Kurt Cobain [[RIP]] were musical geniuses. I regularly wish that Kurt was still alive. His posters adorn my walls, and books about him are littered on my bookshelf. As well, I cannot forget to mention the beautiful Courtney Love, who is one of my idols.

I have dreams. These are to travel the world, and do what I love. I am currently learning to play my guitar and I am going to look into taking piano lessons because I love to sing. It's all a matter of time until you see my face everywhere.

I am open to new people reading my journal. It has been "friends only" since February 2003, but up until then only a few select entires were labelled that way. Feel free to read what's viewable, and if you like what you see comment on an entry and I will likely add you onto my friends list. Just remember that this is my journal, and I will say what I want, when I want, and how I want. See one of the above paragraphs about being incredibly blunt.

Currently I am working the single circuit. Not something that I am entirely pleased with, and since I'm not the waiting type it's not easy at times, but I'm working on it, I promise. Once I find someone, this will be updated. I'm not picky, I just want someone who cares about me, and who I can care about. Right now, the only being that I care about is my cat, Mini. I'm glad she puts up with me.

I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. And just to clarify, I pronouce "about" just the way it is spelled, a chesterfield is a couch, in the winter I wear a touque, I do say "eh" at the end of questions, and yes, the beaver is a "truly proud and noble" animal. For a look at my local weather, see the weathergirl:

The WeatherPixie

And to sum up this great long speech, here is my trading card:

Trading Cards
Free Account Edition
User Number: 807147
Date Created:12/09/02
Number of Posts: 463

This girl is an enigma. She likes to write, and music is her passion. She has loved and lost, and has become burned because of it. Her heart is not for the stealing, or the weak. She has surrounded herself with walls, and only a strong heart she can trust will be able to tear them down. Sometimes quiet and soft, sometimes loud and angry, she is a wonder.
Strengths: talkative, personable, extroverted, independent, awesome planner, can easily pull the wool over someones eyes.
Weaknesses: untrusting, jealous, moody, chicken tetrazini, boys with unique looks, pretty eyes, good music, cookies, good coffee.
Special Skills: anything history oriented [especially world-war era], sleeping, master of music, amazing dancer, excellent kisser, great lover.
Weapons: words, sarcasm, killer good looks, expressive eyes, passion.
Motto: All is fair in love and war.

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Done and done.

Interests:102: , action movies, afi, alanis morrisette, ani difranco, anti-war, bad religion, billy boyd, billy corgan, billy idol, black eyeliner, blind melon, blink 182, bonnie and clyde, boxcar racer, buffy the vampire slayer, bush, christopher rice, courtney love, custom, dalhousie university, darude, dashboard confessional, deep forest, disturbed, eminem, emo, empire records, eve 6, ewan mcgregor, finch, further seems forever, goo goo dolls, grunge, hawksley workman, him, hole, holly mcnarland, hoobastank, incubus, invader zim, jann arden, jarvis church, jimmy eat world, john digweed, john mayer, jorane, konstantine, kurt cobain, legolas, linkin park, lotr, mad love, martina sorbara, metallica, ministry of sound, moulin rouge, movies, my friends, nirvana, no doubt, northstar, oasis, orgy, orlando bloom, our lady peace, peta, pro-choice, psychology, punk, rammstein, raves, robert miles, rufio, rufus wainwright, rugby, sarah mclachlan, sarah slean, saves the day, scary movies, screamo, silverchair, simple plan, smashing pumpkins, something corporate, staind, switchfoot, taking back sunday, tara mclean, the breakfast club, the cranberries, the getup kids, the great gatsby, the juliana theory, thursday, tori amos, train, trance music, u2, vin diesel, yellowcard, zwan
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Account type:Early Adopter

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