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User:chuckyone (128094)
Name:Kara Papas and the Insanity
Hello hello, there is not much I can say so please just don't go and say damn she is gay. As you can I'm poet from across the sea.
More than sea it is called an ocean and that is what it shall be.
I find myself blabbering and blubbing on how and what to do or say.
Call it off shouts are echoed...and what the hell are you talking about to no one fellow.
I find that I am now talking in the third person. I am the Chuckabutt For FEAR ME WELL.
No one shall understand or decipher my strange ramblings nor shall the go to my webpage, although I wish they did.
I start this mini, about meee, on LENT....what should be you give up.... O.o
^___^ I'm otaku, here me roar!!!!!!!
I Love SHIrley MAnSon
MICko CHan Is CUTE!!!!
It is from when I last did this but hey who has time...
Guess what I'm in college...
Not any college an extremely over PRICED college!
Huntingdon college please enter debt now!

I am, of course, none other than blank verse.
I don't know where I'm going, yes, quite right;
And when I get there (if I ever do)
I might not recognise it. So? Your point?
Why should I have a destination set?
I'm relatively happy as I am,
And wouldn't want to be forever aimed
Towards some future path or special goal.
It's not to do with laziness, as such.
It's just that one the whole I'd rather not
Be bothered - so I drift contentedly;
An underrated way of life, I find.
What Poetry Form Are You?


Update 4/11/2011

If you read,stalk, and follow....leave a comment or two. I'm back to blogging my life away. It's better than a paper journal and I know someone out there is always reading even if it is just plan boredom.

I'm Kara Papas, and welcome to my insanity.
Memories:1 entry
Interests:36: anime, anime stores, bishies, blaze, brain power, buffy, card captor sakura, clamp, crest of the stars, e bu cha, garbage, gothic, gothic jewelry, gundam, gundam wing, iria, j-pop, kenshin, lily at, manga, music, naruto, nightwalker, onegai teacher, poetry, ramen, record of lodoss wars, sailormoon, saint tail, sd gundam, slayers, vampire hunter d, vampire hunter d bloodlust, venus wars, writing, yugi oh
Friends:1: fitnessbunny
Account type:Early Adopter

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