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User:chscheer (587195)
Bio:I'm me, real as they come, sorry if you don't like me, I just don't give a f---.
I like being in love, it's the best feeling in the world, ya know, lying there, under the covers, with the single, most important person in the world to you and everything else disappears, nothing else matters and when you look into there eyes, you know you mean the same to them..
I don't like fake people, or people that lie. That's the worse. Wait, I don't like people in general, especially girls.I'm a very jealous person, especially when it comes to some girl that's either messing with one of my friends or messing with my boyfriend..just nah, it's not cool.And I don't like those girls that get all up on your man and when you give them a reality check about how things are they go runnin' to your man for support like he's really going to say something to you..girls are stupid, with that being said..
I give guys a lot of credit, to put up with girls, shit we're annoying, bitchy, jealous, pms-y. Guys aren't the assholes, girls are just to stupid to realize guys for what they are before they decided ot be with them.I mean if you're gonna be with a guy and then 2 weeks later complain 'cause he's using you, then don't complain drop him..dumbass women.But I don't like guys much either sometimes..
Interests:46: american eagle, banks, bermuda, boys, caffeine-free coke, cellphones, cheerleading, chocolate, clothes, coach, credit cards, cruises, diamonds, fast cars, friday night football games, fruit salads, holidays, hot chocolate, hot potatoes, humor, ibuprofen, jill, kait, kissing, lipgloss, mall, mashed bananas, money, movies, my neice, my nephew, nail polish, neil, pepsi vanilla, pooh, presents, ralph lauren perfume, rob, shoes, skiing, snow, stuffed animals, the wiggles, tickle fights, tigger, werby
Friends:1: luciousxhunni
Account type:Free User

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