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User:christinamilian (72538)
Website:that girl
Location:New York, United States
AOL IM:cutely christina (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio: I'm Christina Milian. Oh yeah, you know you wanna love me. :-*

( Yeah, right.. I'm not Christina Milian nor do I claim to be. This is F-A-K-E!!! )
Interests:49: "that girl", 112, 50 cent, aaliyah, aim, amerie, angie martinez, avril lavigne, b2k, bath and body works, black rob, brit, candles, candy, clipse, eminem, fabolous, field mob, hip hop, imx, isyss, ja rule, jay z, joel, justin timberlake, kelis, lauren hill, lil mo, lil zane, lollipops, loon, ludacris, mario, marques houston, mary j. blige, method man, monica, nas, nelly, p.diddy, r&b, rap, redman, shopping, singing, smilez and southstar, thugs, tlc, wanksta
Friends:83: 50c, aguileraness, anna__faris, anne_hoppus, anthony_lovato, a__moore, brett_a, carabba, cassidy_katie, charismac, chasez_joshua, chelly_branch, chhda_glibert, christinamilian, chris_gc, chuck_comeau_, craig_david_, cyrus_bolooki, dan_miller_o2, davematthews, d_whibley, emma_bunton, evanescencexamy, freelance, ghetto_anais, graham_coxon, j0el_madden, jen_delonge, jererangel, johnnyknoxville, josh_madden, j_timberlake__, j_to_the_lo, kari_delonge, kelly_osbourne_, lena_tatu, ludacris_, madden_benji_, mark_hoppus, matthew_lovato, maybe_alicia, mccoy_paul, mccracken, melissa_kennedy, mike_herrera, mike__, mtvamaya, mtvcolin, nataliepee, nicky__hilton, paul_, phat_one_, playxxfaye, radical_rachel, reality_unwoven, rosie_x_munter, sarah_m, sarah__martin, sara___, shinningstarr, shon_delonge, skye_hoppus, slim_shady_, stephen_mcnally, tatu___yulia_v, tommy_delonge, trevor_penick, tricky_ck, tyritter, wadej_robson, xbritspears, xoanna_playox, _alyssa_milano, _billy, _c_aguilera, _elizadushku, _jessica_biel, _kirst_dunst_, _paris_hilton, _pierre_bouvier, _pink__, _sebastien_, __desrosiers
Friend of:45: 50c, anna__faris, anthony_lovato, avylavigne, a__moore, brittm, carabba, chasez_joshua, chelly_branch, christinamilian, chuck_comeau_, dan_miller_o2, d_whibley, emma_bunton, freelance, graham_coxon, haloxnatalie, jen_delonge, johnnyknoxville, jtiimberlake, j_to_the_lo, ludacris_, matthew_lovato, maybe_alicia, mccoy_paul, melissa_kennedy, mtvamaya, mtvcolin, patcunningham, phat_one_, sarah_m, sarah__martin, sara___, shinningstarr, slim_shady_, trevor_penick, xbritspears, xchelle_branchx, _brody_, _kirst_dunst_, _mlmoore, _pierre_bouvier, _sarah_gellar_, _sebastien_, __desrosiers
Member of:3: got_h8erade, ru_icons, ru_ooc
Account type:Early Adopter

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