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User:chris_burns (131105)
Name:Christian Anthony Burns
Website:Read it damnit!
Location:England, Wigan, United Kingdom
AOL IM:Sexy x Makker CB (Add Buddy, Send Message)

-- Christian Anthony Burns --

My name is Christian Anthony Burns. I play guitar and sing for the British trio BBMak!!!

No, I'm no longer single ladies. Hands off! I belong to Staci!! *kisses for Staci*

Juila and Carmen are my best gal-friends and without them I couldn't live. I love you two!!

Chris is my adored son! I love him so much! He's adorable! *smiles*

Mark & Ste, the married bandmates! You guys rock!

Hey, don't get your hopes up. I'm not really Christian Burns. I'm just a fan having fun in a ROLE PLAY GAME. Don't IM me or comment my journal thinking I'm really him. I'll ignore you.

Interests:18: ashley olsen, bbmak, britney spears, drums, guitars, joel and benji madden, kelly rowland, mark, money, mum, sex, staci flood, ste, the beatles, the bee gees, the goo goo dolls, torry, women
Friends:31: ai2_kimberly, a_robertson, bbmak_bloke, benj_levi, brann_matt, bxxspears, campbell, chris_burns, craving_carmen, donnac_is_me, heltonhottie, idolstar_clay, joel_thuged_out, julia_demato, kellyxclarkson, kimlocke, lavigne__av_, lil_miss_hilary, miss_ash_olsen, notevil_draco, notreallypudnik, perky_paige, pussycatstaci, robbie, sp_david123, ste_mak, swing_mods, swing_rpg, xdirty_chrissyx, xxbrodyxx, __lamberg
Friend of:13: bbmak_bloke, chris_burns, jmac49, kellys_destiny, kellyxclarkson, notevil_draco, notreallypudnik, olsen_mk, pussycatstaci, robbie, ste_mak, swing_mods, _moore_mandy_
Member of:5: rpg_ads, rpg_central, rpg_personals, rpg_promote, swing_rpg
Account type:Early Adopter

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