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User:chosenone_buffy (182944)  
Bio:Edit Day to day I live, I thought you’d always be here with me Everyday … Always existing at the hardest times, Never unavailable. Still each day you’re here for me. The days brought you to it, Fate met you one day, and took you by the hand, So sad, so sudden... Now I’m all alone... In this bitter world which I call home... I still can’t believe today you’re gone.. Deep down I know you still exist... As I sit here in a daze... Reliving our precious glorious days.. and the dreams we left behind. I'll be glad, because I was blessed to get to have you in my life. When I looked back on those days, I will look, and see your face. You would there for me.. In my heart there will always be a place for you, I'll carry apart of you with me.. everywhere I am.. there you'll be. You were right there for me from day one. I will .. never forget you, my favorite TV show.
buffy the vampire slayer.

I would like to say here, thank you to the whole cast, & the writers from buffy the vampire slayer. you have made us.. laughed.. cried.. kept us coming back for more.. the last but not least, thank you for bringing us hope, being there for each and everyone of us. there wasn't one EP that touched my heart in some way.

Thank YOU for making it possible to believed in something, & making the characters REAL.

You'll be missed a lot.

Noted character journal is ONLY for role-playing. I am.. NOT one of the actors who plays on the hit TV show, BTVS. So let's not put the DUH here, mmk? ;)

Interests:21: alyson hannigan, amber benson, anthony stuart head, anya, buffy, clare kramer, dawn, eliza dushku, emma caulfield, faith, giles, glory, guild, michelle trachtenberg, nicky brendon, roleplaying, sarah michelle gellar, slayer, tara, willow, xander
Friends:14: bleeding_hell, clemmett, glory_days, justattracts, rememberx_, salvaged_faith, sarah_mg_verse_, tact_girl, tormentedsoul, tweed_librarian, vengeful_wish, wiccangirl, wickedly_devine, _oz
Friend of:6: bleeding_hell, tact_girl, tweed_librarian, vengeful_wish, wiccangirl, _oz
Member of:3: rememberx_, sunnydale_, _chosentwo_
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