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User:chiquitabonita (349287)
Website:WeaSLeY iS My KiNG
Bio:i dont wanna change so u better give up!

  • i claimed yellowcard at "claim_a_bandx"
  • i married seth cohen at "blurty_marriage"

    SARAH -- aka
  • sarRONah
  • w33d
  • r0n

    bffl -- katie and megs
  • Interests:112: adam brody, albus dumbledore, all american rejects, aol, beater, ben mckenzie, bethany joy lenz, bilbo baggins, blink 182, bludger, bouncing off the walls, bowling, candy cruncher, chad michael murray, charmed, chaser, clark kent, cloe sullivan, concerts, crookshanks, dan radcliffe, donnie darko, emma watson, fighting, fountains of wayne, friends, frodo baggins, gilmore girls, glinx!, guys, hair dye, halliwell sisters, hanging out, harry potter, hearts, hermione granger, hilarie burton, hobbits, i love the 80s, james and lily potter, james lafferty, karen's cafe, keeper, kroq, kryptonite, lana lang, lex luthor, linkin park, lord of the rings, loud music, lucas scott, luke's, maggie smith, manvera mcgonagal, marissa cooper, merry, mest, milo ventamiglia, music, mxpx, nathan scott, new found glory, nirvana, oliver wood, one tree hill, peyton sawyer, pippin, playing bass, poop, quaffle, quidditch world cup, remus lupin, richard harris, rings, ron weasley, rory gilmore, rupert grint, ryan atwood, samuise gamgi, scabbers, screaming, sean biggerstaff, seeker, senses fail, seth cohen, severus snape, simple plan, sirius black, smallville, soccer, something corporate, sophia bush, staring into space, sugarcult, super powers, talking, text twist, the charmed ones, the golden snitch, the hobbit, the mauder's map, the nightmare before christmas, the oc, the starting line, the wb, the whomping willow, tom felton, warped tour, watching tv, yankees, yellowcard, z100
    Friends:10: bathroomslut, bluerainbow, blurty_marriage, chiquitabonita, claim_a_bandx, dw3eb, stuck_on_you, tomlovers, xbellamafiao, xxprettyinpink
    Friend of:4: bluerainbow, chiquitabonita, dw3eb, stuck_on_you
    Member of:2: blurty_marriage, tomlovers
    Account type:Free User
    Date created:2003-07-04 15:54:44
    Date updated:2004-04-03 17:02:07, 558 weeks ago
    Clients used:Web: 1.0, 1.1
    Journal entries:50
    Comments:Posted: 53 - Received: 49
    Shared Journal Access:chiquitabonita can post to blurty_marriage
    chiquitabonita can post to tomlovers

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