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Below is information about the "all for us girlies" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:chicklettes (70649)
Name:all for us girlies

pictures taken from hehehe
A community, just for girls.. and well for the curious boy--if you're THAT curious. You can post about any girl stuff. Make-up, clothes, boys/girls, gossip, PMS.. etc. you get the point. Have fun, make friends, kill time. Please remember to have a huge open mind. Everyone is accepted, as long as you follow the rules.


[1] R-E-S-P-E-C-T, and not just a little bit. Be respectful to others [in other words--don't be rude!], or you'll be banned.

[2] Please do not post large pictures, for it is extremely annoying. If you'd like to post big pictures/surveys/quizzes etc. PLEASE lj-cut Don't know how to do it? Click [H E R E]

[3] No fighting. If you really have a problem with someone here, please don't fight in the community. That's why we have things called Instant Messengers. If you don't have one, download one [AIM, yahoo, MSN]. There, now there's no excuse. BUT, feel free to bitch about anyone else that annoys you that's not part of this community. <3

[4] Please don't post asking for lj codes.

[5] If you're going to TyPe LyKe diSs beeCuz mii fRnzz Teenk iSS keWL, in the community please don't bother joining. I don't care if you do that in your journal, that's your journal, but please don't do it here. It makes things very difficult to read.


*J O I N* now and start posting.

Have any questions? Start emailing!
*Email is checked every Sunday @ 8pm

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Interests:102: aaliyah, abercrombie & fitch, alloy, american eagle, art, attitudes, b2k, barbie, beautiful people, beauty, being a girl, being a princess, being addicting, being pretty, bi-sexual, boyfriends, boys, britney spears, bubble gum, candy, cartoons, chicks, christina aguilera, clothes, cute, dance, dancing, dating, diaries, everything, everything pink, falling in love, feeling loved, feeling sexy, females, femininity, flirting, flowers, friends, gay, getting drunk, girl stuff, girlie girls, girls, glitter, gossip, guys, gwen stefani, hip-hop, hotkiss, innocence, j-lo, ja rule, jennifer lopez, jennifer love hewitt, jessica simpson, johnny depp, journals, justin timberlake, kissing, ladies, lesbian, letters, lil kim, lip gloss, lolly pops, love, love songs, madonna, malls, mariah carey, men, michelle branch, mtv, music, nelly, no doubt, old navy, p!nk, perfume, pimpettes, pink, pop, pop music, purple, rap, rock n roll, rockstars, sarah michelle gellar, sex, sexiness, shoes, shopping, skirts, sleek, sparkles, starbucks, stars, sweetness, talking, trends, xoxo
Members:118: adickted_biotch, angeleyez18, angel_143, ashsblurty10, beachiibabe16, boday, bombshellx, booyita2522, borderlineschiz, bruja, brunette_mami, bunnigerl, candyland627, candy_baby, carebearz06, cavanaugh_park, ccccinamonlips, cherryflavah, cherrysodapop, chilli_rose92, claire0502, coldhands, cowgirlfridays, csilover, cuenco100, diamondprin21, discoverkitt, diva_licious, dunholdmedown, eminemshoe, fadedshadow, fairy, femmefatale00, fieldhckybabe22, foxxy_gurl2004, ghettopirategrl, golden_madamme, havokpoe, hot4rach, iheartyoux3, incrediblenoise, jas_bil, jennahassel, jennevek, johns_princess, jo_munch, kbr, kiddycat, kpswtchic7, l0ve_just_is_xo, ladyqbee21, lilmermer03, lilshopohorrors, lil_kye, lostinmytears, lovesonlyhope, lukeslover, meghan424, meheartboys, melliegurl, midnightpepper, midnitebaybee03, moonshot, nathanz_baby, ninia, niqqa, ohjessica, peachhy, pif, piinkclouds, piink_kyss, pinkaura, pinkprncsss, pinupgrlinpink, pnkazz, pommie4life44, preciouzz_thonq, prettystacy, pshaurself, razzledazzle, redrose3436, rooski, sarahofatx, sexie_angie, sexybritterz, shesjustagirl, shinobu_chan, slimdimepiece, surfxnow, sweetone_13, sweet_dreams_07, sweet_kisses, thursdaysenvy, timeisruningout, treschic, v3ronica23m, vallerina, watchmeasifallx, wawa109, wonderfulxsky, x0_show_me_love, x2bo0tylici0usz, xblueangel87x, xburnt0utx, xcrazeex, xiloveducks, xobabikissezox, xsimplyxxsweetx, xstacey594, xxx4ever4youxxx, zozo, _adorkable, _adorkible, _girltoy, _riddle, _sexable_, _shake_it, _wantiing
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