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Below is user information for Chellseus. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:chellseus (547487)  
Location:Elkhart, Indiana, United States
AOL IM:Chellseus (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:hoorah. mini-bio.
I was born and raised in Elkhart, located in nothern indiana. i have two little brothers, four weener dogs, three cats and a boyfriend whom i love above all else. I am currently 18 years old and a senior at highschool. Um...I love anything considered emo. Anything I consider emo anyway, but I'm always open to others ideas too. I enjoy being part of the sub-culture. ta da
Interests:110: a perfect circle, academic decathalon, acoustic guitar, adult swim, afi, alkaline trio, anime, aqua teen hunger force, art, band, big o, blink-182, books, boxcar racer, boyfriends, bracelets, brand new, bright eyes, candy, cartoons, cats, chocolate, christmas, comedy central, computers, conan o'brian, cowboy bebop, crackers, cupcakes, dachshunds, dark chocolate, demos, drawing, dvds, emo, eric idle, eyeliner, eyes, family guy, final fantasy, fingers, flute, free cds, fugazi, get up kids, graham chapman, guitar, hair, hamlet, hands, harry potter, hearts, henry david thoreau, hippos, hot water music, hugs, inuyasha, jimmy eat world, john cleese, kill bill, kittens, matchbox romance, matthew faust, michael palin, mike myers, monster house, monty python, movies, music, name taken, nintendo, nirvana, ophelia, pencils, pillows, pizza, presents, punk, radio head, rancid, reading, resident evil, rings, rpg, saves the day, scarves, sealab 2021, sex, shakespeare, sharpies, sigur r?s, singing, skittles, sleep, sleeping, socks, sweatshirts, taking back sunday, technology, terry gilliam, terry jones, thanksgiving, the new amsterdams, the simpsons, thermal undershirts, trigun, warm pants, warped tour, writing, zelda
Friends:2: iwaitedforyou, wasteddays
Account type:Free User

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