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Below is user information for Michelle Branch. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:chelle_branch_ (46494)
Name:Michelle Branch
Website:Are You Happy Now?
Location:United States
AOL IM:Ghetto MBra (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:I'm Michelle Branch, what more do you need to know? IF you REALLY want to get to know me.. add me and talk to me.. that's all there is to say

[[I'm not REALLY michelle.. so please don't IM me and harass me...]]
Interests:15: boys, good charlotte, guitars, hanson, music, ryan merriman, simple plan, spirit room, sports, tatu, the all american rejects, tour busses, traveling, trl, tyson ritter
Friends:34: adrienne_frantz, anne_h, benjeh_boy, billy27martin, bmu_chasez, bombastic_britx, b_lexi_, chelle_branch_, dirtyfighter, dmiller, dunst_me_kiki, gc_joel_, hartnett_j, hollywood_ry, hyper_kirk, j_timberquake, kutcherman, losingxxgrip, marisa_ramirez, milanoxcookies, moore_girl, murph_britt, nasty_kello, nsyncs_joey, otown_angel_ash, richnfamouscomm, rittertyson, sandrabee, stahl, tracethis, vnessa_c, xj_stilesx, yulia_volkava, _nickay_
Friend of:53: adrienne_frantz, b1ll1, benjeh_boy, billy__m, bob__moffatt, brettfavre, brittanymurphy_, carterlike, channing_tatum, chelle_branch_, chris__k, clarke_i_hanson, clint_mft, emmy_chriqui, gwenindoubt, hannah_tosco, incubus_boyd, jesse_c, joe_joe, leodicaprio, leslie_b, like_moore, mandy__v, marie_serneholt, marit_, melissa_barker, melissa_dgm, murph_britt, nattie_portman, nsyncs_joey, rodriguez_m, sexay_sarahx, shannon_bas, shawn_marasco, sick__boy, slayer_dushku, spears_britty_j, stacy__keibler, sum41_bizzyd, s_thorberg, t0sc0, tbpscott, tlbarker, trishstratusbas, wadeified, xanaisxlamechex, xoxfayexox, yulia_volkava, zachary, _ashleesimpson_, _e_taubenfeld, _love_hewitt, _trace_
Member of:2: richnfamouscomm, rnf_lyrics
Account type:Early Adopter

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