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Below is user information for Azure. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:charliemonroe (197959)
Location:Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
AOL IM:StarletSerialKLR (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:Hi! This is my Diary, and here I go by the handle, Azure. I am a young witch living in the big city and I have a non-stereotypical 4 family unit. I live with my Dad, a stoner mailman with a memory disorder, we'll call him Ozzy. I also live with my brother, a manic-depressive over agressive freak who we'll call Jeordie. Then there's my aunt, a catholic jesus freak who believes I am a satanist, and she's my only support, let's call her Ruth. Now you wonder about my mother, who I prefer to call Nyx. She killed herself when I was six years old and she was very manic-depressive. As for my mental state, im very bipolar, and I have chronic obsessive compulsive disorder. Well, I love to write and read, Im one of those people who don't really fit their stereotype. I am 5'10'' with black hair(naturally blonde) and green eyes. I am what some might call goth, but I just try to buy clothes that fit. Well, here's my life and I hope you at least get some sick enjoyment out of it.----------Azure
Interests:36: a perfect circle, black sabbath, black things, boys, brian warner, dave navarro, davey havok, eating disorders, erotica, friends, ghosts, ginger fish, hatred, interview with the vampire, janes addiction, john 5, johnny the homicidal maniac, lestat, love, madonna wayne gacy, marilyn manson, murderdolls, mw gacy, necromancy, nine inch nails, ozzy osbourne, psychology, reading, shiny things, stregheria, tim skold, twiggy ramirez, vampires, witchcraft, writing, zim zum
Friends:5: assemblyvex15, blackshadows, deathstorm, lemke, lilytinheels
Friend of:13: assemblyvex15, charliemanroe, deathstorm, fallintomadness, lemke, lemke_kenzie, lemke_photos, liam238qc, lilytinheels, pironecro, saph, xofaerierockrox, xx_me_xx
Member of:11: dark_icons, freakz_united, god_of_fuck, hav0k_wh0res, hvy_metal_whore, magick, manson_fans, matchme, theunderground, vain, vampires_exist
Account type:Early Adopter

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