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Below is user information for Charlie DeMars. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:charliedemars (269464)
Name:Charlie DeMars
Website:Keepin it alive
Location:L.A., California, United States
AOL IM:rockin DeMars (Add Buddy, Send Message)

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User Number: 269464
Date Created:2003-05-26
Number of Posts: 27

Charlie was born April 14, 1983. Charlie has played also music for a long time. He can play the keyboards as well as other instruments and especially guitar. His favorites bands are Weezer, omza, Radiohead, Blur, Scorpions, Maxxx, Radiohelmet, Jimmy eat World... and others. His favorites movies are The Professional, American History X and Fight Club. Except for music, he likes watching TV, going to the beach , eating, and having fun.
Strengths: guitar, being weird, liking carmel, having the best girlfriend in the entire universe, plays guitar in the best band in the world, having the best sister in the universe, and having the best friend on the face of this planet
Weaknesses: shopping, shaggy hair, hyperactive, oddball
Special Skills: Reading, jumping, bouncing, throwing pencils
Weapons: Guitar, spork
Family: Beverly Anne Mitchell, Emma Chukker Caulfield, James Wesley Marsters, Aaron David Anderson, Steven Sellars, Kevin James McPherson

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Interests:14: ben folds, building ideas, coke, ghost of the robot, j.e.w., jello, overnight maxi, power animal, radio head, rock music, scorpions, soccer hooligans, the maxxx, weezer
Friends:5: aaron_anderson, beverlyshill, ghostoftherobot, rebel_nick, __caulfield__
Friend of:35: aaron_anderson, ali_g, a_pinkness, brittish__murph, burnsy_bbmak, caldwell_k, charisma__c, cyrus_bolooki, david__boreanaz, digital_dreamr, gigglishways, gwyn_paltrow, jaded__girl, jagstar, jakeb_g, kaotic_nickolas, kari_delonge, kiefer__s, linds_lohan, made_x_joel, matt_x_lovato, mrprinzejr, naturallyblonde, nick_the_hick, otownashley_, paulthomas_gc, reese____, snowbunni6903, static_j, susan__ward, trace_ayala_, _alexis_bledel_, _clarkson_, _sarahgellar_, __michelle__
Member of:1: duality_words
Account type:Free User

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