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Below is user information for Die young and save yourself. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:chaosgirl (89075)
Name:Die young and save yourself
AOL IM:tinkersyd (Add Buddy, Send Message)

I'm very hyper and I LOVE baseball.I enjoy watching music videos and I love rock music .I am in love with my idol...TOM DELONGE!. I am a very outgoing person and I dont hide my feelings. I HATE the texas Rangers, but i LOVE the Oakland Athletics. Uh.......thats about it. If you want to add me thats cool. I'll pretty much add anybody. GO SUCK A DEEK!!!!

Interests:56: adema, all american rejects, andy roddick, audioslave, avacados, baseball, beau, being a spaz, being bitchy, binders, blink-182, blurty, candy, chating online, chocolate, clothes, colors, dancing, daria(my fav.t.v show!)eminem, degrassie, disneyland, dr.pepper, eating, edward scizzorhands, green, guys, hate posers, ice cream, jack sparrow, johnny depp, lasagna, magazines, mardigras, music, my friends, my sister, nin, oakland athletics, oakland raiders, pirates, pirates of the caribbean, rock, shopping, sleeping, snow, sum-41, t.v, tahoo, talking, tennis, the foo fighters, the nightmare before christmas, the number 6, tim burton, tim hudson, walt disney
Friends:20: 0lilblondibabi0, caribbeanpirate, claimsongperson, freaky_much, gosmokeajessica, harry_potter_07, hottie_claims, icons_, love_a_lots, minorthreat27x, n0_m0re_tears, oakland_grl16, pinky007, singinangel1287, stellarvampz, stupidlilreject, sunnysideup19, sunshinegirl812, xtatosx, xxno_escapexx
Friend of:13: 0lilblondibabi0, bluedogz7, chery182, gosmokeajessica, love_a_lots, minorthreat27x, n0_m0re_tears, oakland_grl16, pinky007, singinangel1287, stellarvampz, stupidlilreject, sunshinegirl812
Member of:7: blurty_marriage, claimsongperson, freaky_much, gethitched, harry_potter_07, hottie_claims, icons_
Account type:Early Adopter

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