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User:changeofcolors (535805)
Bio:Hey! My journal is under construction, but please do visit again!!!!

Interests:150: about a boy, aim, all-american rejects, andy warhol, art, astronomy, autumn, badly drawn boy, baking, bamboo, barbecue sauce, bath and body works, beaches, beauty, black and white photography, blankets, borders, bottled water, candles, cell phones, cheese fries, chicago, chinese food, chocolate, christmas, cities, citrus scents, coldplay, comfort, cosmetics, crying, daria, dido, dvds, eating, ed, empty notebooks, extended weekends, eyelashes, faith, family, farmer's markets, flowers, fog, food 911, foreign films, fortune cookies, friends, fries, god, good songs, green eyes, grilled cheese, hair highlights, halloween, hanson, honey, hope, how to deal, hugh grant, illinois, incense, inspiration, internet, jamba juice, jamie oliver, japan, jewelry, joan of arcadia, john mayer, laughing, learning, less than jake, lip balm, lord of the rings, low-pressure shopping, magazines, meditating, midwesterners, moon, movies, mp3s, music, nail polish, new radicals, nordstroms, novels, pancakes, pasta, patron saints, paul frank, philosophy, photography, poetry, praying, puppies, quotes, rain, reading, reality shows, report cards, rice, rings, roses, roxy, scones, self expression, self-help books, sephora, showers, sim city, singing, sleeping, smiling, smoothies, snail mail, snow, socks, soda, spice girls, sprite, starbucks, stars, steve burns, stirfries, sugar ray, sugarcult, survivor, sweet and sour sauce, tea, the bachelor, the bachelorette, the body shop, the brendan leonard show, the flaming lips, the food network, the mole, the restaurant, the ring, the sixth sense, third eye blind, thunderstorms, travel, tyler's ultimate, vacations, whipped cream cheese, winter, writing, yoga, yogurt
Friends:4: claimwhatever, team_fresh, the_n, _claim_a_song_
Member of:5: blurtyfriends, newfriends, random_songs, the_n, _claim_a_song_
Account type:Free User

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