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Community Information

Below is information about the "Celebrity Slash" community. This is a closed community. To become a member you must contact its maintainer. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:celebrity_slash (168191)
Name:Celebrity Slash
Location:United States
- The Plot -
This community will be filled with gay men and lesbians, sex, parties, clubs, hard bodies, loud music and late nights. The story line centers on the everyday lives of gay men and women, and is a mature, realisitic, truthful, and often explicit exploration of the gay experience.

If you need a friends list, AIM list, or have some kind of problem, go see the cs_maintainer.

- The Rules -

1.) The community is a closed community. To be added, go to cs_maintainer. There you will find information on how to become a member.

2.) Do-not join multiple communities that are not related to this one or you will be removed.

3.) No duplicates. Join as someone who isn't taken. You can play as many characters as you would like, but they need to be equally active.

4.) Don't be afraid to IM people on AIM. Don't just sit around waiting for people to IM you because it might not happen.

5.) Please limit your posts in the community journal. We're trying to keep it as clean as possible so you can easily find maintainer posts and introductory posts.

6.) Post in your journals. Journals that are inactive for 3 weeks will be removed from the community and replaced. We don't ask that you update every day, just as often as you have time to.

7.) Please type coherently. Please type in complete sentences or something like them. Don't type in giant paragraphs because they are so difficult to read! PlEaSe dOn'T tYpE lIkE tHiS!! N pleze dont type lyke this eythr. Just use normal spelling and type out entire words. We also ask that you use capital letters and punctuation.

8.) Don't post ads for other games here because I will hunt you down. Also, use cut tags for quizzes and things like that. Lyrics are allowed to be posted any way you want them to be.

9.) Slash is a must here. Don't bring your hetero drama here. In our little world, slash is the norm.

10.) Please note that all relationships in in this community may not jive with the real-life relationships of the celebrities portrayed. If you join as a new character, please respect the relationships that are already established in this game. Feel free to chat with writers OOC about relationships. We reccomend talking OOC. Communication is the key!

11.) If you have your posts friends-locked, please add all members of the community to your friends list!

12.) If you have an OOC conflict, keep it there. Don't bring it IC.


- Disclaimer -
None of the journals are written by actual celebrities.
All are maintained by writers and are only a game.
This is a fantasy, purely fictional, so don't harass.


- Sub-Communities -

coming soon!
Interests:9: anal sex, celebrities, gays, homosexuals, lesbians, oral sex, role playing, sex, slash
Members:1: cs_maintainer
Watched by:15: angelashley, brit__murphy, chrissi_ag, chris_kutcher, c_nick, dicaprio_leo, hold_my_pickle, jdewan, justified_timba, nickyxcarter, sexyalexmclean, sleepy_kitten, trevor_lee, _hay_c_, _jc_
Account type:Early Adopter

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