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Below is information about the "Celebrity Heaven RPG" community. This is a closed community. To become a member you must contact its maintainer. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:celeb_heaven (256943)
Name:Celebrity Heaven RPG
About:To be apart of celeb_heaven all you have to do is follow these essential steps and you'll be added ASAP!

--Pick a celebrity that you would like to RP as and see if they are taken yet. If not, just follow the rules below.

--This is an obvious rule,but please make sure you have a journal. You cannot be a part of another RPG Community with the same journal name. I'm sorry if this causes inconvience.

--Get AIM. This is another obvious rule,but we understand if some people don't have it yet. So if you don't please go to and download it.
--This rule kind of ties in with the AIM rule. Please don't be afraid to IM each other. We're here to have fun after all and please try your best to welcome the new members. That really isn't a rule but it shows comradity.

--We obviously don't want this community to die so as of right now the update rule is once a week, two weeks at the most. For everyone who hasn't updated we will be putting up warnings to remind you that you need to post. We will be checking to see who posted twice every week.

--Use proper grammer. Obviously slang words will be used and that's acctable, but no typing abnormally.

--Ok I think this answers to almost everyone's question, is this a slash friendly community? The answer is yes it is. We don't really recommend it as much but we support anyone's decision to make there charecter bisexual/gay.

--This rule is probably the MOST IMPORTANT RULE of this community. WE WILL NOT TOLERATE FIGHTING! We have left other communties for this reason. Yes of course you guys can agrue but don't let it get out of hand where everyone feels like they're on a soap opera. If there is a problem leave it IC, don't bring it into OOC. If the problem gets out of hand we, as mantainers, will have to handle this situation, whch may cause throwing someone out of the community.

--When you are selected to be in the community please have somewhere on your info page that this is indeed fake, because there are of course people out there that think that this community has real celebrities.

After you have followed and agreed to all of these rules, leave a comment in the community journal, or one of the maintainer's journal.

Maintainer: benj_m_
Co Maintainer: donnac_is_me

50 cent
Anais Lamche
Ashley Olsen
Benji Madden
Brittany Murphy
Britney Spears
Christina Aguilera
Faye Hamlin
Hilary Duff
Joel Madden
Mandy Moore
Paris Hilton
Rosie Munter
Scott Terra
Tony Lovato
Torry Castellano (Donna C)
Trista Rehn

*~~On Hold~~*

Any not listed in the taken area!

[[This is FAKE. None of it is real and none of us are actually the real celebrities. This is for an RPG (Role Playing Game). So do not complain or leave rude comments in our journal saying, "U rNt rEEly < insert celeb here >!!!!!!11111oneoneone" Ahem.]]
Interests:13: actors, actress, broadway, dancers, dancing, movie stars, movies, music, rpg, rpgs, singers, singing, tv shows
Members:10: benj_m_, britt_b_murphy, dirrty_xtyna, fetta_owns, paristheheiress, roro__munter, sickboy_joelx, xmandy_kissesx, x_trista_x, _angie_carter
Watched by:8: adz_lamberg, jlbassman24, justin_r, les__carter, shawn_ashm, sickboy_joelx, _angie_carter, _susan_ward
Account type:Free User

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