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User:ceadsearc (184679)
Website:My blog
Location:Mosonmagyarovar, Hungary

The above picture is not of me. It is my sheep.

One day I asked crosshatch, "Please draw me a sheep."

And so he did.

He, like me, loves art. That is why he is an artist. That is why I wanted to be an artist. By the way, he did my background and 4 of my icons. Don't take them without asking, or my eternal wrath shall be upon you.

I maintain the following (dead) communities: allergy, silentworld and gayparents, moderate idiotsguide and my new baby that has life: kerdesek.

Memories:18 entries
Interests:144: aa, aboriginal literature, abuse, abuse survivours, addiction, adoptees, adoption, aids, aim, aladdin, alaska, alcoholic, alcoholism, aliens, anal sex, antoine de saint exupery, art, astrology, astronomy, australia, babar, babies, babylon 5, bacon, black holes, brain surgery, brian boitano, california, cancer, catholicism, catholics, cats, ceili rain, chatting, children, children's books, chocolate, ci, cooking, corrs, creation, csi, current events, deaf, deaf education, dr. seuss, drawing, ds9, dyslexia, ed, education, eire, eric stoltz, europe, evolution, exmormons, figure skating, friends, gay, gay parenting, gay pride, god's army, goeffry card, hamburgers, hearing aids, holland, hungarian, hungary, ian thorpe, incest, ireland, irish, jehovah's witnesses, jewish, joshua bell, judaism, junk food, kenneth cope, kittens, kurt browning, languages, legacy, love, love stories, magyar, magyarorsz??g, meleg, memphis belle, michael petry, mormon, mormon tabernacle choir, music, musicals, novels, olympics, orson scott card, parenting, parents, passion, patricia nell warren, poetry, pregnancy, prodigal son, puppies, reading, rem, rich mullins, sachertorte, science, science fiction, sects, sex, siamese cats, single's ward, skiing, snakes, snowboarding, soccer, special unit 2, star trek, stars, sunsets, sunshine, swimming, teddy bears, the little prince, the quest for camelot, theatre, twin boys, twincest, twins, tyler st mark, u2, ufo, unicum, utah, van gogh, voyager, vuk, water polo, wine, writing, x files, yahoo
Friends:84: agocza, allergy, angel, angieblue, angyal, ansel, antifakeceleb, badboy84, banleetics, blurtyaddicts, blurtybest, brigham, cancer_support, celestialwillow, crosshatch, desertsinger, dianna, dimi, draconid, empyreal, erotic_icons, eveninghawk, galaxyofstardst, gayparents, gay_erotica, gay_icons, giish, grayeyes, greenfairy, icancervive, iconsbest, idiotsanonymous, idiotsguide, incredulous, interfaith_talk, i_am_nobody, jadzia, jbaugustine, jewcrew, journaldesigns, journalreviews, journalwhore, katinherhat, kerdesek, lyricslut, madscientist, midnite_dreamer, misscharlie, mllejoly, mommiepower, moonlit_shadows, morangos, news, nightmare, nvcarnie, ohgratuitous, oncebitten, over18, paistedan, priapus, rainbows_rule, rinnyheartilly, risingup, robotzombie, rubber_duckiez, sailorsfefe, saygoodbye, seadolphin, silentworld, silverraven, sio_ma, smart_n_cool, supermommie, taskir, thursday_next, toocoolforpants, tormented_s0ul, undisclosed, vitriolic, wildflower1964, writingprojects, xxelitexx, yodelayhayhoo, yuliag
Account type:Early Adopter

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