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User:catchthatrabbit (798498)
Name:Walking a fine line...
Location:Michigan, United States
AOL IM:Orcrist603 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:Versuchen Sie nicht, dieses zu übersetzen

Ja, ich weiss, woher ich stamme,
Ungesättigt, gleich der flamme,
Glühe und verzehr ich mich,
Licht vert alles, was ich fasse,
Kohle alles, was ich lasse,
Ja, flamme bin ich sicherlich
Interests:79: 8 bit theater, asimov, attack frogs, banjo burning, beatles, bluegrass, camelot, camping, capture the flag, catcher in the rye, chapter 6, commander keen, cross country, david letterman, daydreaming, dctalk, deutsch, dune, ender, euchre, final fanstasy, frank herbert, frisbees, general geek-dom, greens and grays, guitars, hiking, jamming, karate, lord of the rings, magic missiles, mandolin, marching, minesweeper, mood rings, more feats, music, musicals, musing about things, nap times, nickel creek, ninjas and pirates, npr, oblivion, odyssey, old movies, overkill, parodies, randomness, reading, redvsblue, rpgs, science fiction, scouts, shostakovich, skiing, skits, spitting on jacob, spud-gunning, stabbitty death, star wars, stargate, swrpg, this side, track, trumpet power, underdogs, video games, viola triumverate, violin, vitual snowball fights, vivaldi, wandering aimlessly, water breaks, webcomics, west side story, wheel of time, wishing, writing
Friends:10: avafada, buggykid, czarina_calvin, evenifyoucant, kit333, kungfookow, pirateking89, potrfan07, salduck, scismart02
Friend of:5: fallenaway, pirateking89, potrfan07, salduck, scismart02
Account type:Free User

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