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Below is user information for Child Of The Night. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:casting_shade (643251)  
Name:Child Of The Night
Location:Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
Yahoo! ID:a_lack_of_oxygen_to_the_brain (Add User, Send Message)
Interests:130: 30 seconds to mars, 69 eyes, afi, alien sex fiend, all about eve, anal cunt, anarchy, animal rights, anti-flag, apoptygma berzerk, as i lay dying, assemblage 23, aus rotten, bad religion, bella morte, bleeding through, blutengel, body mods, bunchoffuckinggoofs, cannible corpse, celldweller, chinchilla, christian death, clan of xymox, closet monster, coldplay, covenant, cruxshadows, curl up and die, damage effect, das ich, dayglo abortions, deicide, deita klaus, depeche mode, depswa, dimmu, diva destruction, dog fashion disco, downthesun, drawing, dying fetus, eighteen visions, eighth ground, factory 81, feminism, fields of nephilim, fishnets, front 242, godhead, going to shows, gothica, gravity kills, himsa, human rights, ill nino, in flames, inkubus sukkubus, into eternity, jack off jill, kidney theives, korova, lamb of god, living end, living sacrifice, loco, london after midnight, lullacry, maharahj, making my own clothes, misfits, most precious blood, motograter, my ruin, nashville pussy, no assembly required, no one, nofx, nosferatu, oral sex, otep, pain, pennywise, piercings and tattoos, pig destroyer, pilate, pissing razors, placebo, prick, primer 55, queen adreena, quo vadis, radiohead, rotting christ, rudimentary peni, scarling, scars of life, sepultura, sex pistols, shadows fall, siouxie and the banshees, six feet under, skinlab, skinny puppy, soil, soilwork, spikes, static-x, superjoint, sworn enemy, sxe, system, tapeworm, the red chord, the used, thrift shops, to die for, tricky, trying new things, tugnut, veganism, vegetarianism, violent work of art, vision of disorder, voltaire, willow wisp, wolfsheim, writing, your daddy in tights, zeromancer
Friends:5: elysium_dream, fuctup_retard, learnxtoxhate, shyawn, xcookiexwhorex
Friend of:3: elysium_dream, learnxtoxhate, shyawn
Account type:Free User

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