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User:casta_diva (60876)
Name:Casta Diva
Bio:Casta diva che inargenti
Queste sacre antiche piante
A noi volgi il bel sembiante
Senza nube e senza vel
Casta diva...
Tempra o diva
Tempra tu de' cori ardenti
Tempra ancoralo zelo audace
Casta diva...
E senza vel

I was listening to Renée Fleming singing this aria, from Vincenzo Bellini's opera "Norma", as I was creating this journal. It's my favorite soprano aria. I don't understand a word of it, but it's beautiful to me nonetheless. I'm positive the English translation is available somewhere. But something tells me I'd rather not understand and just appreciate the beauty of the sounds.

I maintain three communities:

bel_canto - Classical opera and the bel canto technique.
classical_music - Classical music.
middle_kingdom - Chinese language and culture.
Memories:10 entries
Interests:100: apache, bach, beethoven, bel canto, ben heppner, bill amend, bizet, blenz, brahms, bryn terfel, cantonese, casta diva, cecilia bartoli, chinese language, chopin, classical music, coffee, csi, cuddling, eating with chopsticks, elgar, fox trot, friends, funnies, funny things, geeking, giggling, gnome, handel, harry potter, haydn, health, hello kitty, hugo alfven, humour, immunology, internet, inva mula-tchako, italian opera, itzhak perlman, jau-fei chen, jose carreras, kiri te kanawa, kissing, language, laughing, linux, lotr, love, luciano pavarotti, lyrics, mandarin, massenet, mendelssohn, mozart, mp3s, mysql, niccolo paganini, nutrition, nutritional immunology, opera, oracle, pavarotti, pdf, peripheral mononeuropathy, perl, php, piano, pl/sql, placido domingo, poetry, quark, quarkxpress, quarkxpress passport, redhat, renee flemming, romance, rowan atkinson, sanrio, schubert, soccer, software, software development, software engineering, song lyrics, star trek, starbucks, strings, sushi, tchaikovsky, tea, thinking, violin, vivaldi, web design, women, world cup, world cup soccer, writing, ximian
Friends:8: bel_canto, berislu, classical_music, katbox, lemondain, middle_kingdom, news, toturi
Friend of:3: berislu, katbox, lemondain
Member of:4: bel_canto, classical_music, community_ads, middle_kingdom
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