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Below is user information for huzzah!. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:casioforrest (108059)
Website:pandorra's icons
Location:vagabond, United States
Bio:its ok, i'll probably hate you too.
Interests:149: a promise ring, alkaline trio, androgyny, armadillos, art, beauty in self-destruction, belle and sebastian, beth orton, bikes, bikini kill, bipolar, bjork, black box recorder, black heart procession, blondie, books, bratmobile, bright eyes, buffy the vampire slayer, but i'm a cheerleader, cats, chai tea, chuck taylors, cigarettes, coffee, cuddling, cursive, cynics, deftones, donnie darko, doppelgangers, dorkcore, dorothy parker, dr. pepper, eddie izzard, emo, empire records, erika lopez, evil 'l' words, fairies, fight club, fiona apple, flamingos, fortune cookies, frida kahlo, garbage, ghost world, girls, gnomes, gothic, hair dye, harold and maude, heathers, hole, hoodies, jack off jill, jackson pollock, jean michel basquiat, jedi mind powers, jeff buckley, jets to brazil, jhonen vasquez, joan jett, john gebbia, john mayer, juliana hatfield, kevin smith, kittie, kristen hersh, language, libraries, liz phair, lo-fi art books, lost and delirious, lou reed, lush, lydia lunch, magnetic fields, mail art, manic depression, margaret cho, mark ryden, mazzy star, mix tapes, mood swings, mystery science theater 3000, neil gaiman, nirvana, of montreal, otep, patti smith, pete yorn, photography, piercing, pj harvey, placebo, poe, poetry, poppy z. brite, portishead, pulp fiction art, punk, queer, queer as folk, rasputina, rocky horror picture show, roman dirge, rufus wainwright, run lola run, sad bastard music, sarcasm, scars that tell stories, scrawny boys, self injury, serena valentino, sex pistols, shoegazer, sid and nancy, siouxsie and the banshees, six feet under, sleater-kinney, smashing pumpkins, socks, sonic youth, stabbing westward, tattoos, ted naifeh, the clash, the nightmare before christmas, the pixies, the ramones, the simpsons, the smiths, the velvet underground, the white stripes, thursday, tori amos, trembling blue stars, twee, vintage, vinyl, weezer, wicca, wigs, willow and tara, words, writing, x, zines
Friends:54: alpha_centauri, artcrime, artist_colony, artsy, blurtyzinesters, body_mods, bristoltwist, cecedelish, craftyass, darksally, davin, drivingblind, electricblue, fagulera, femmecore, foundobjects, fuzzylegged, greenlikejuly, gynaeotrope, hellodinosaur, iconaddicts, kannan, kneehigh, korslite, licoricewhipped, livinghood, meloncholy, midnightcreep, missmess, moirabot, musictrade, nervousness, nfgstar, nooneswife, olliezero, redbandaid, rethinkingpink, sarcastictron, secondpart, sharptattoos, shortsleeve, shyandquiet, starmiranda, stringsection, subdivision, suckerpunch, supersaturated, teenagerobot, theoryfox, trickymartin, tuppem, wanttakehave, whatis_undone, willowandtara
Friend of:29: alpha_centauri, bristoltwist, cecedelish, craftyass, davin, drivingblind, fagulera, gynaeotrope, hellodinosaur, korslite, licoricewhipped, loveyoulikeido, midnightcreep, missmess, nfgstar, nooneswife, olliezero, redbandaid, rethinkingpink, sarcastictron, shortsleeve, shyandquiet, starmiranda, supersaturated, teenagerobot, theoryfox, trickymartin, tuppem, whatis_undone
Member of:14: artist_colony, artsy, bipolars, blurtyzinesters, body_mods, foundobjects, fuzzylegged, hoodiewhores, iconaddicts, musictrade, nervousness, sharptattoos, wanttakehave, willowandtara
Account type:Early Adopter

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