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Below is user information for sco. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:captain_frosty (889098)
Location:New Jersey, United States
Interests:150: abc, aladdin, anakin skywalker, anime, aragorn, best friends, books, boromir, candles, cartoons, christmas, clothes, coloring, computers, craig parker, crazy socks, disney movies, dominic monaghan, draco malfoy, drawing, dvds, easter, elves, ewan mcgregor, fanfiction, fanlistings, fantasy, faramir, finding nemo, fish, fred and george weasley, funny fanfiction, gamecube, going to the movies, guys, haldir, hamtaro, han solo, harrison ford, harry osborn, harry potter, hayden christensen, hellboy, hello kitty, hobbits, hot guys, ian somerhalder, icons, inside jokes, internet, james franco, jesus christ, jewelry, jimmy neutron, jokes, laughing, laughing for no reason, legolas, lightsabers, linkin park, lord of the rings, lost, luke skywalker, makeup, making people laugh, mario kart, matthew fox, medieval times, monkeys, movies, mr. ray, msnbc, music, my family, my neighbor totoro, mysterious people, mystery, n64, naveen andrews, new jersey, new york city, obi-wan kenobi, oliver wood, orlando bloom, pajama pants, pajamas, parodies, pens, peter parker, pirates of the caribbean, pizza, pointless stuff, popcorn, potter puppet pals, princess mononoke, qui-gon jinn, radio, randomness, ray park, reading, robots, roman catholicism, rugrats, running, ryan merriman, sawyer and the boar, science fiction, sean biggerstaff, shopping, shrek, simple plan, six flags, sleeping, sneakers, socks, spiderman, spirited away, spongebob squarepants, star wars, star wars action figures, staying up late, stuffed animals, stupidity, super smash brothers, the apprentice, the fairly oddparents, the fairy princess wand, the force, the hot chick, the incredibles, the lion king, the mall, the new york yankees, the news, the princess diaries, the shards of narsil, throwing popcorn, tithe, tobey maguire, toe socks, toy story, troy, tv, video games, vincent and locke, walking, water, weird pairings, who framed roger rabbit?, you got served
Friends:3: captain_frosty, iheartorli2890, orli4ever
Friend of:1: captain_frosty
Account type:Free User

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