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Below is user information for you're such a sucker for a sweet talker.. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:cant_regret (624387)
Name:you're such a sucker for a sweet talker.
Bio:at least we're still friends. at least we're still alive.*
Interests:118: afi, aim, alkaline trio, all american rejects, ani difranco, ann beretta, atreyu, bam margera, ben folds, ben harper, ben kweller, blind date, bob marley, bouncing souls, boxcar racer, boy meets world, boys, bright eyes, california, chasing amy, cherry flavor, chinese food, cky, coheed & cambria, count the stars, cruel intentions, dancing, daria, dave matthews band, deathcab for cutie, disney channel, dispatch, dogs, down to you, dreaming, eating, eatnpark, elliott smith, emo, evanescence, falling in love, fanny packs, ferris bueller's day off, fifty cent, friends, get up kids, glitter, green day, hockey, homegrown, hot hot heat, hot pink, ignition, incubus, jack kerouac, jackass, jason lee, jason mraz, jewelry, jimmy eat world, john mayer, julia stiles, kevin smith movies, kissing, kit kat bars, kris roe, laughing, lip rings, macaroni & cheese, music, new found glory, night, nirvana, north carolina, oar, olive garden, our lady peace, outkast, pedro the lion, penguins, photography, pink, pittsburgh, pretty eyes, pumpkin pie, punchline, ramones, rancid, recover, red, rilo kiley, saturdays, saves the day, shows, silver, smashing pumpkins, something corporate, stars, summer, summit diner, swimming, tacos, taking back sunday, talking, the 80s, the ataris, the juliana theory, the new pornographers, the postal service, the used, the vandals, thrice, thursday, tim reynolds, tsunami bomb, wonder years, writing, wyclef jean
Friends:None listed.
Friend of:1: waldorfsriotgir
Account type:Free User

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