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Below is user information for ashley. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:canelle (22497)  
AOL IM:ash uh leeh (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:[thegirl]My name is Ashley, but you can call me ash, ducky <3, blue, sunshine, or anything else your heart desires. My birthday is 11·18 so there's no excuse on why I won't get presents from you. ;] I live with my mom, step-dad, and little sister, she's a pain in the ass · but aren't all little sisters? I'm a bitch, yes I'll admit it. It's only when I feel 'threatened' or whatnot, most of my friends will tell you i'm sweet . . but if I'm pissed at you or something, don't even bother. Unless you wanna get verbally abused. ;] If you wanna know anything else, you can IM/Email me, or just read my journal and leave a comment.[thejournal]Yes, it is friends only. I'm pretty good on adding people back, but if I feel I have too many friends and I don't add you, don't be offended. Try back another time. Also, if I take you off, I usually do have a good reason -- so don't whine and complain to me. ;][thecontacts]>AIM: ash uh leeh AOL: iil rawkstarre 3 or X d0rkii ash[thefans] meek · katers ·[theearlyadopters]Yea, I have some early adopters · why not? Everyone's gunna want them eventually. I don't give em out for free though. IM/Email me and we can work something out. ;]

EAs; luci0us · bizi0tch · wonderfully · _groovy · dominated · francais · 787 · blow__ · homegirl · jokingly · 102302 · canelle · creating · birthdays · _wink · optimistic_ · showering · strippings ·
Interests:79: 8 mile, adidas, aim, arizona, art, baby blue, ballet, bathing suits, being myself, belly button rings, best friends, birthdays, blue, bracelets, cell phones, cheerleading, cherries, chocolate, clubs, concerts, dancing, drinking, dvds, eminem, eyeliner, eyeshadow, florida, food, friends, glitter, glittery stuff, green, hiphop, hoodies, hot chocolate, hugs, ice cream, jewlery, licking, lipgloss, lipstick, lollipops, magazines, makeup, making out, mascara, movies, mtv, new york city, nicknames, nike, orange soda, pajamas, parties, pepsi, pheonix, piercings, pillows, playstation 2, popcorn, popsicles, powder, rap, red, scaring little kids, sex, shimmer, skinmarket, sleeping, summer, tanning, tans, tap, the beach, toe socks, tongue rings, undressed, vanilla coke, winter
Friends:None listed.
Friend of:16: alexxoo, aolers, bo0tiful_singer, content, coquettish, csi, laughs, lovem3n0t, masturbating, sexaykisz, tantalized, tastie, vidette, xjuicyx, _teased, __skank
Member of:3: claims, icons_, like_firah
Account type:Early Adopter

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