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User:candycane_dream (715603)
Location:Disputanta, Virginia, United States
I was accepted at The Hotel Yorba

Name:: Emily
Status:: Bryan o3.o3.o4
Favorite Band:: The White Stripes
Weapons Of Mass Destruction:: Music. Writing. Internet Addiction. Sarcasm.
The Hit List::Posers. Stuck Up People. Suck Ass Music. School. Fake People. Liars. Jackasses. Stupidity. Sluts

Emily Is:: Blonde. Brunette With A Red Overtone. 16. Opinionated. Cynical. Dedicated White Stripes Fan. Jack White Obsessed. Split Personalities. Insomniac. Bitchy. Secretive. Truthful *Shocked Face* Beware.

Weapons Of Mass Destruction::
Black Eyeliner. Your Mom. Gizmo. Sex Bracelets. Fishnet Stockings. Hippie Vans. "SLC Punk". "American History X". Cheese. Drummers. Penguins. Psychology. Paranormal. Sarcasm. Angelina Jolie. Drinking. Communities. Daria. Photography. Spongebob. Poetry. Writing. Music. Internet Addiction. Domestic Terrorism.

My Journal::
My journal is PUBLIC because I really don't give a shit what you have to say.
If you would like to be added, comment to my journal

Thank You's::
adrigon -- icons

Interests:96: a perfect circle, afi, alice in chains, american history x, angelina jolie, animation shop, anticonform, antisocial, astrology, band shirts, bands, being a dork, being a loser, billy martin, bisexuality, bitch, biting, black, black and white photos, black eyeliner, black sabbath, blink 182, blinkies, cameras, cartoons, cd burning, chaos, cheese, computers, courtney love, daria, dave grohl, death metal, degrassi, digital cameras, drinking, drummers, eminem, evanescence, eyeliner, fetishes, finch, fingertight, foo fighters, frances bean cobain, fuck, ghetto converse, heavy metal, heroin bob, html, icons, insanity, jack off jill, jack white, jay and silent bob, jessicka fodera, jimmy eat world, kurt cobain, lacuna coil, layouts, led zeppelin, linkin park, marilyn manson, meg white, music, my ruin, nine inch nails, nirvana, oasis, orgy, ozzy osbourne, paranormal, penguins, personality disorders, photography, pink floyd, poetry, psychology, relationships, sarcasm, sex, sid vicious, slc punk, sleeping, song writing, spikes, spongebob squarepants, staind, sugarcult, the cure, the osbournes, the sex pistols, the white stripes, tool, web design, writing
Friends:5: bandcrybaby, cookie_crisp, courtney_doll, spaceface, _morphinexdoll
Friend of:3: cookie_crisp, frozen_tear, _morphinexdoll
Member of:8: 0bscene_design, add_me, band_icons, degrassifans, garage_rock, icons_, roman_goddess, theiconjudges
Account type:Free User

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