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Below is user information for BAd KItTY ;0). If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:candie_girl15 (938432)
Name:BAd KItTY ;0)
Location:Don't Worry Bout It, United States
Bio:Im Just Me*

The Things I Love The Most*
-My Family <33
-My Friends <33
-Well .. Its A Process ..
-Music <33
-My Cell Phone

Friends help you to get through
they try thier best to show thier true
so keep your friends & hold them tight
they will be there to help you
when you need them day or night.

LOVE;my drug
HIS LIPS;my poison
HIS HEART;my addiction

Wait for the boy who:
would do ANYTHiNG,
to be your everything.

& after a while the jokes arent funny
anymore,theres nothing left to smile
about; everyone begins to look the -
same; lovers` lose their passion <|3
friends become enemies && the life
we once knew gone

i want to be the girl you hit a homerun for.
the one you score a goal for, write a song for,
the one who makes '`you smile, makes
you laugh. Okay i just wanna be that girl..<3

One Day All The Pieces Fall Into Place Until Then Laugh At The Confusion, Live For The Moment, & Know That Everything Happens For A Reason!
Memories:2 entries
Interests:73: angel, aol, basketball, bathing suits, being goofy, being nice, black, boys, burgers, cameras, cars, cheese, chicken, coffee, coke, computers, country things, cuddling, dancing, dark things, devilish things, dogs, drawing, drinking, elmo, fire, flowers, fluffy things, food, football [texas longhorns], foriegn exchange students, friends, fun, glitter, hair dye, hate, holding hands, jokes, just being there, kittys, laziness, lexi, love, me, milk, movies, music, painting, parks, parties, pictures, pink, play fighting, playboy bunnies, poems, quotes, randomness, razors, red, sarcasm, sharp things, shoes, sleeping, spanish, spiderman, tire swings, tv, undies, video cameras, video games, water, wet hair, wrestling
Friends:2: blondie1124, jazebel
Account type:Free User

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