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Below is user information for ★ Just Another Vivica ★. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:cake_or_death (66197)
Name:★ Just Another Vivica ★
Website:-[no vacancy]-
AOL IM:ThelmaginaryOne (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:BreakingUpTheGirl15 (Add User, Send Message)

-[ cake or death? ]-
. let . me . be . your . obesssion .

|| my name is katie - but you can call me mandy ||
-|| b/c there's a song about me - that was written for a dog ||-
|| don't get me wrong though - i'm not a puppy ||
-|| i won't follow you home ||-

-[i think i'm paranoid]-
[x]. name -> katie manson.
[x]. aka -> mandy. kitkat katie. shirley. blackstar.
[x]. loc -> trapped in the 80s.
[x]. species -> a shattered tear.
[x]. sex -> broken-up girl.
[x]. looks -> red/black hair. purple contacts.
[x]. first breath -> 27 june.
[x]. story of my heart -> searching for a song
[x]. hobbage -> dancing. guitar. swings. bein' as uniquely weird as possible. biting my lip.
[x]. my page -> no vacancy.
[x]. i believe -> that jenny is right - hobbits are sexy little devils.

-[give in & join a community]-
[x]. for individuals -> stripeswitplaid. be yourself.
[x]. for jersey girls -> jerseygirlsrock. need i say more?
[x]. for no doubt <3ers -> nodoubting. who doesn't love NxD?

-[i claim thee]-
[x]. band claim -> garbage. [who else?].
[x]. song claim -> iris by the goo goo dolls & rabbiteen by jack off jill.
[x]. toon claim -> marvin the martian.
[x]. singer claim -> shirley manson from garbage.
[x]. tv show claim -> the adventures of pete and pete.
[x]. movie claims -> labyrinth & the wedding singer.
[x]. word claim -> gossamer - it means delicate.
[x]. star claim -> david bowie - oh the sexiness.
[x]. blurty claim -> elliot - you know, paran0id... hehehe.
[x]. stuff claims -> top 5 - hershey's kisses, alpengeist [the rollercoaster], busch gardens [in williamsburg, va], hard rock hotel/cafe, & pulpless orange juice.
[x]. major claim -> the one-eyed, one-horned, flying, purple people-eater.
[x]. more claimage -> Jack Off Jill- Clear Hearts Gray Flowers album. The Labyrinth. Hockey. "emo" glasses. The Adventures Of Pete & Pete ALL of the old Nickelodeon tv shows, Striped, Knee-high, Toe Socks. Penguins. The Breakfast Club. Chocolate Chip Cookies... all claimed here.

I bit my tongue and stood in line
With not much to believe in
I bought into what I was sold
And ended up with nothing
This is not my idea of a good time [3x].
This is not my idea.
You thought that I would never see
What was meant for you was meant for me
I was distracted at the time
Forget about yours now what about mine
This is not my idea of a good time [3x].
This is not my idea.
You thought I was a little girl
You thought I was a little mouse
You thought you'd take me by surprise
Now I'm here burning down your house
This is not my idea of a good time [3x].
This is not my idea.

-|| one mistake's all it takes and your life has come undone ||-

.[x] À bientôt [x].

Interests:89: 80s, 80s movies, 80s shows, 90s shows, adam sandler, bad boys, bands, being an individual, blindfolds, bracelets, break-ups, candy, candy necklaces, confusion, crying, dashboard confessional, doe eyes, dominic monaghan, eddie izzard, emo, emo boys, eyes, eyeshadow, fraggle rock, french kiss, garbage, glitter, gothic, goths, guitar, hard rock cafe, hard rock hotel, hey dude, hobbits, hugh grant, jack off jill, jekyll and hyde club, jimmy buffett, journals, kissing, koalas, labyrinth, lite brite, lord of the rings, lotr, love, margaritaville, milkshakes, music, no doubt, obsessions, old nickelodeon shows, palindromes, parrots, pierced noses, pina colada, poetry, pumpkin ice cream, punk, punk boys, rainbow brite, rainbows, ren and stimpy, rhps, riddles, rocky horror picture show, sad boys, salute your shorts, ska, spin the bottle, stardust, strawberry shortcake, striped socks, stripey socks, taking back sunday, tears, the wedding singer, toe socks, truth or dare, waddle, welcome freshmen, wicca, , , , , , ,
Friends:151: allenmcdaren, amberxdream, angels_fuck, annabel_lee, antixgod, artemesia, ashinfulleffect, as_you_wish, baby_, blasphemous_, booggy, bracelet_whores, brandonbrashars, brokenprincess, candyswirl, casualxabuse, cdawg86, corruptme, cyanidespizzles, damagedlongago, deathsangel, deee, desmonia, doctweezer44, draconid, dreamertears, elevenphoenix, emo, emocore, emokid83, emosuprimo, emo_, emo_kiddo, emo_star, eviljen, fathom92, forgotten_, fuckyoulist, geekoid, ghettoicons, glamourgrrl, goodriddance, grey_flower, haveac0olsummer, helloworld, hookedoncoffie, hoplesscrayon, ifonlyyousawme, illusionary, imagineallthree, ima_dirty_blond, imbudeskies, imintheband, indiexcore, injection, innocentlyme, ironic, ismellyourbrain, ive_been_robbed, jaded, jerseygirlsrock, jgurl, joeukok, jojoontheradio, krycty, ladyxliberty, littlekittie13, lonelyemogirl, medievalxstars, mfc61786, monosyllabicgrl, mullet, my_ey3s, nonabsolute, no_9, n_e_m_o, oh_wow_its_amy, oldschool_tevee, onesideclear, onesimpleplan, paperdoll_xcuts, paran0id, parodyoflife, penseur, pixiedust88, poeticangst, possiblysomeone, preciouzz_thonq, princ3ss, puggs, punkbytch107, punkisdead, pyromaniac, rainglitter, rawr__, rebelchild, redsalinetears, rhps, rinse, rockon, rubberduckie16, rustiness, sapphire, scarredstar, serpentine_kiss, sexxxiness, shattered_dream, snapplesucks, snugglez, sparklypenguin, starascent, starswillfallx, starxdork, stealtheshow, stoop_kid, storyofagirl, stripeswitplaid, stylish_boo, suckerforakiss, sugar_xo, tearsoblivion, the_80s, thug_holiday, thursday_next, total_insanity, toxic__waste, tragicxendings, tw0weeksaway, uphillbothways, wanksta32, whyilaugh, winglessangel, xbabychrisx, xbleedingheartx, xbrokenxheartx, xnot_cured_mexx, xstephx, xxafterxhoursxx, xxdeliriousxx, xxgeeklovexx, xxkittyxx, x_sexi_punk_x, youresolastyear, zero, _believeinme_, _dreamawayamy, _getchoo, _rotten, _uberhip, __error, ____pretty
Friend of:73: allenmcdaren, amberxdream, angels_fuck, antixgod, ash_lo, as_you_wish, baby_, blasphemous_, booggy, brokenprincess, candyswirl, cant_change_me, cdawg86, creepshow, damagedlongago, desmonia, doctweezer44, emo, emocore, emokid83, emosuprimo, emo_, emo_kiddo, fathom92, forgotten_, glamourgrrl, goodriddance, ifonlyyousawme, imagineallthree, imintheband, indiexcore, injection, ironic, jaded_silence, joeukok, jojoontheradio, krycty, ladyxliberty, lonelyemogirl, medievalxstars, mfc61786, n_e_m_o, oh_wow_its_amy, one_last_hope, paran0id, poeticangst, puggs, punkbytch107, pyromaniac, rawr__, readingxrainbow, redsalinetears, renandstimpy, sakura_, sapphire, snapplesucks, sparklypenguin, starswillfallx, storyofagirl, thug_holiday, total_insanity, toxic__waste, tw0weeksaway, uphillbothways, whyilaugh, xbabychrisx, xnot_cured_mexx, xxkittyxx, x_sexi_punk_x, zero, _dreamawayamy, _getchoo, _rotten
Member of:67: 80schildren, 80s_freaks, adam_sandler, best_blurtys, bigbooty, blurtyawards, blurtyfriends, boyfriends, bracelet_whores, claims, claimursinger, claim_a_band, claim_a_bjuser, claim_a_word, claim_me, claim_watu_want, communities, communityads, community_ads, complete_random, deep_emo, dorks_r_us, elf_obsessed, emokids, emo_kids, faerie_tales, flick_claims, fuckyoulist, ghettoicons, gothic_girls, jerseygirlsrock, journalwhore, kindergoths, kindred_spirits, let_it_out, lipstickrock, loveisoverrated, love_carebears, movie_dorks, newfriends, oldschool_tevee, paranomal, phobias, proudtobesxe, punkettes__, quiz, quizzrz, rainbow_brite, randomthought, rhps, sextips, stripeswitplaid, surveysluts, talktome, thingie, toon_character, tv_classics, useless_facts, wanna_be_friend, weirdnj, wordassociation, xxafterxhoursxx, _braceletxwh0re, _claim_a_song_, _detention, _walk_away_, __startingline
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