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User:c0nfidence (139949)
Website:My site
Location:Candyland, United States

My name is Amanda - I'm 15 years old from the great state of NY, Long Islander to be exact. I'm in 9th grade, a Froshie. I'm 5'1", 113lbs, short with a small frame and a big bootay :-x I'm a brunette with natural blonde and red highlights, with green/blue/gray eyes with yellow in the middle. I'm Irish, Italian and Dutch, but the Irish is the only part that shows, so I'm pretty pale. I'm outgoing, crazy, and pretty strange. Sarcasm is life, and I've been known to have a sick sense of humor. If you don't like me, deal with it, and don't view my journal anymore. kthnx.

I'm not the average teenage girl. I go through a lot of shit with my family that a lot of other girls wouldn't have to, financially in a house with 4 kids isn't so easy. I'm insecure around certain people in certain situations. I have enough friends to make me happy, but I don't know where I fit in right now, and I don't really know who I am. I try to live for me rather than for anyone else, but sometimes it's hard to be like that at my age. I've been known to act mature for my age, in the things that I say. I'm more than a lot of people can handle, I listen to opinions yet I have strong ones of my own.

singing, dancing, acting, playing piano, flute (no marching band lol), movies, music, writing lyrics, writing piano music, chillin' with the girls & guys, shopping, trips to the mall, outings with Mike, performing, going to shows (specifically high school musicals *cuz I'm poor haha*), being an idiot, etc. etc.

some boys, jealousy, envy, people who hate you for no good reason, sluts, players, druggies, people who can't have fun without getting totally wasted, whores, many many people, weed, cigs, bratty little kids I babysit for, etc. etc.

Much love as always goes out to these guys, they've always been there to help me through whatever I gotta go through, standing right by my side. Ashley, Kelly, Cortney, Liz, Sam, Jenna, Shannon, Simone, Julia, Dana, Kate, Lauren, Brit, Pam, Beka, Lee, Ariel, Mike<3, Ryan, Colin, Jofus, Adam, JH, Tyler, Cory, Rob, & Adam. Then of course I'd have to credit my online girls, the ones who've been there for me when I needed someone to talk to who I knew wouldn't tell the whole school the next day, because they couldn't! So much love to Dee, Melissa, Cari, Janelle, Alia, Lisa, and I'm sure I'm forgetting some of you so if I did please let me know.

Click here to read why I feel like this!

I've got tons - if you want one let me know (none have layouts, THESE ARE ALL I HAVE LEFT!

lilx0n3 - illest_5hawty - dumbblonde7081 - im2kute4yew - smartayy - ill_get_u_h0tt - ya_man_luvz_it - fuqq_meh - quizziexme - quote_obsessed - xxbunniixx

bootycall for bio coding :) babycakiez for style help!

Interests:107: acting, advice, aim, american idol, babies, boys, broadway, bunny slippers, cedar point, cell phones, charlotte russe, chatting, chicken fingers, chocolate, christina aguilera, comedy, craziness, cute underwear, diaries, digital cameras, disney, dorks, dr seuss, drama, dreaming, eminem, emo, eyeshadow, fishnets, friends, fun, gc, girly stuff, guys, hugs, ja rule, jimmy eat world, kissing, life, light blue, lilacs, lip gloss, love, lyrics, magic, make overs, mandy moore, manicures, me, michigan, midi, missy elliot, moulin rouge, movies, msn, mtv2, music, musicals, new york, pastel colors, pedicures, performances, performing, photography, piano, pictures, pina coladas, pink, pizza, plays, pop, princesses, puppies, r&b, rain, randomness, rap, reel big fish, rocky horror, roses, save the last dance, shooting stars, shopping, shows, singing, ska, smiles, songs, spikes, spongebob, spring, strawberries, stuffed animals, summer, sunshine, teddy bears, teens, theater, thugs, ties, trust, urban decay, victoria's secret, websites, weirdness, wet seal, writing
Friends:52: 2285, babiidee, blondiebabie727, brown_eyez, c0rner_wh0re, chasinxdaylight, cherri_lolipop, d0nt_judge_me, danielleqt924, danzgrl224, darkenedsky, decieved, dezirable, downloadable, exceptional, fading_, girlswithedge, h0lla_back, ic0nified, itsallnikki, kiss_me_crazy, lilladiee4u2nv, lizzah, lovemakesmesick, luckiducki, melzzz, mizundastoodd, obsessi0nz, oh_so_kute, pennythrower, pmsy, pr3shuz, sekzi_1, seriously, sexxy_shorti, shawty17, silent_, sokissable, spanky69, strippedd_, stuckonastar, watchxmexshine, xobabybrownox, xohsosweetx, xscandolusbabix, xsecret, xsilent_girlx, x_advice, x_simplyme_x, yummiinesz, _mistakez, __antisocial
Friend of:24: 2285, babiidee, calibaybi022, danielleqt924, danzgrl224, darkenedsky, decieved, ic0nified, itsallnikki, jamienic0le, kiss_me_crazy, krissy22, lovemakesmesick, mpftball68, n0t_t0o_y0unq, sekzi_1, sexxy_shorti, simpledreams, stephanielynn, strippedd_, x0tanya0x, xohsosweetx, xscandolusbabix, x_simplyme_x
Member of:3: downloadable, truecuties, x_boyfriends_
Account type:Early Adopter

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