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User:bury_me (197360)
Name:Apologetic Theory
Location:enniskillen, United Kingdom
Bio:Alone at last,
together in a photograph
Our eyes are always open
devoted to perfection... through silence
What am I supposed to do?
Should I sit wait for you?
Listen to me screaming more
This story is old only to those that have no mold
The truth can be bought or sold
But what are we buying?
Nothing but silence
what am i supposed to do?
should i sit and wait for you?
listen to me screaming more
Fold the Corners, Break the silence...

Interests:45: alex linares, alex pappas, alice in chains, audioslave, beach, bon jovi, books, buddies, chocolate, chris cornell, dangerous sport, dave grohl, derek doherty, drums, endor, family, finch, foo fighters, food, gigs, going out, guitars, ice skating, jon bon jovi, macdonalds, matt barcalow, metallica, mp3's, music, nate barcalow, nirvana, noise, r2k, randy strohmeyer, road trips, rowing, skateboarding, snow, soccer, soundgarden, spending money without thinking, sport, taco bell, tv, warm water at beach
Friends:39: amandapanda, andrewmcmahon, badstarfalling, bad_star, bungle, californianlilo, davery, endisforever, evela_skye, finch, finchfans, finch_is_god, invite_codes, jewbagels, jodieb, jusstmeh, kirkhammett, litratexstylish, lovelybabii, mike4, motherfawker, natebarcalow, nate_, nenni, priceforglory, psychotic_siren, randyrocks_00, randystrohmeyer, sadmonkey, self_made, thekelster2, titch1, tweaked, wideawake, withoutyouhere, xblueangel87x, yourfriendpeter, _manda_, __anti__you__
Friend of:10: badstarfalling, bad_star, bungle, californianlilo, evela_skye, priceforglory, psychotic_siren, randyrocks_00, tweaked, wideawake
Member of:3: finchfans, finch_is_god, withoutyouhere
Account type:Early Adopter

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