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Below is user information for Wicked Cool. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:burtaciouskay (66643)
Name:Wicked Cool
Website:MySpace is better than YourSpace
Marriage is love.

I'm the perfect flaw
There ever was
I let it all go
Just because
The world was waiting
For a flaw like me
So here I am
I'll always be
Life's perfect flaw

Life at best is most untimely
Trapped inside a world of fear
Twisted, anxious, forlornly lost
You’ll never know what’s buried here

Testify my open wounds
For they have not seen life
Bring them down to suffer
Before they meet the knife
Kill them soft and slowly
So I can watch in pain
Let me know what my future holds
So there’s nothing to explain

Behind The Wheel- $250
Used Car- $8,600
Fuzzy Dice- $10
Peeling out after a sobriety check, slamming on the breaks and saying "sorry" while still surrounded by cops, knowing you're underage and out past curfew - PRICELESS
There are some things money cant buy, for everything else theres an extra bottle of water

Rest In Peace Nik and Tony. I love you and miss you 3/27/04 <3
Interests:100: 12 stones, 3 doors down, abbot and costello, aerosmith, all american rejects, american hi-fi, aquabats, beatles, bush, casualties, clash, classic rock, concerts, death, disturbed, dragons, drama, dropkick murphys, eagles, evanescence, eve 6, exploited, fairies, finch, foo fighters, fraggle rock, ghosts, goo goo dolls, good charlotte, greenday, guitars, halloween, harry potter, hives, hoobastank, horror movies, hot topic, incubus, jimmy eat world, joe satriani, kiss, korn, less than jake, lifehouse, lord of the rings, manson, metallica, misfits, monkeys, my friends, nickelback, nightmare before christmas, nirvana, nofx, oldies, pacific sunwear, pearl jam, peter gabriel, piano playing, pink floyd, poetry, psychology, punk rock, punks, queen, ren and stimpy, robin williams, rocky horror picture show, saliva, seether, simpsons, sleeping, something corporate, space, spongebob squarepants, sr-71, staind, steve vai, stone sour, sugarcult, system of a down, taproot, the doors, the strokes, the vandals, the who, tool, train, trapt, traveling, trust company, unseen, vampires, vines, weezer, weird al, white stripes, yellowcard, yes, yngwie malmsteen
Friends:24: bryanjerkoff696, candy07, cheapsexwhore7, crazyb523, danyell_anne, dementedloser, demonbuttercup, djkurt, evilchckn, fivexfive, heavyxxxheart, humannipple, luvaboy6363, mak3_y0urself, mallory56, mrgrieves, mz_kitty, pornopenguin, secretlybleedin, sexymofo41, shannon_bananon, wankmasterlobos, wankoi523, wankoi69
Friend of:19: cheapsexwhore7, crazyb523, danyell_anne, demonbuttercup, djkurt, evilchckn, fivexfive, heavyxxxheart, humannipple, luvaboy6363, mallory56, mz_kitty, pornopenguin, renandstimpy, secretlybleedin, sexymofo41, wankmasterlobos, wankoi523, wankoi69
Account type:Early Adopter

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