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User:builttolast (346380)
Bio:I created this journal simply to stir up trouble, or to have people do so with me. I like when people get mad at me because I'm not straight edge like them or because I dont like to drink and fuck random chicks or because I put myself above everyone because thats where I feel I am in respect to certain downtrodden individuals. I want one of these people to step forward and tell me theyre gonna kick my ass because I'm waiting for it. I want someone to finally write a check they can cash. I like when peoples blood gets hot over things they need not worry their pretty little heads over and I like when people are so insecure about themselves that they just keep their mouths shut about it, or better yet, talk and talk and talk and then just sit with thier thumb in their ass when they should go out and do something about it. I like when people cower because they're afraid of what their friends would think of they found out that they didn't like the same people or dont like the same music or dont like to drink or even something so stupid as to just admitting to their friends that they believe in a higher power. I like when people can't think for themselves.

I prey off of these people. This is where I get my enjoyment. This is how I get my jollies off. And if you dont like it, you can suck my dick.

Now shut your mouth before I skullfuck you.
Interests:27: ac/dc, alanis morisette, audioslave, back to the future, black label society, black sabbath, danielle, dropkick murphys, ford, gibson explorers, guitar, guns and golf carts, guns n' roses, led zeppelin, lynyrd skynyrd, metallica, midgets, oldschool nintendo, ozzy osbourne, porn, pride and glory, rage against the machine, sick of it all, the beatles, the steer seller, the who, zakk wylde
Friends:1: whattheshit
Friend of:1: whattheshit
Account type:Free User

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