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User:buffysummersxo_ (492911)
Website:Angel Investigations
Location:Sunnydale, California, United States
AOL IM:Princess4eva1981 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:Buffy Summers came to Sunnydale after being kicked out of her high school in LA. Her mother opened up an Art Gallery in Sunnydale and Buffy thought that she was going to start a whole new life. Unfortunately on her very first day in Sunnydale she is faced with her past. It is time again to start her slayer duties and Sunnydale happens to sit on hellmouth, bringing tons of creatures that Buffy would have to fight night and day.

In her first year in Sunnydale, Buffy survived life in a new school and was brought back to life after being killed by the Master. She gained best friends in Willow and Xander as they helped her along with her watcher Rupert Giles, to face the evil that came on a weekly basis to Sunnydale High.

She's faced witches, demons, vampires and more. Her biggest foe was The Master - the oldest living vampire in history. He plagued the slayer at every turn - waiting for the day when he could rise to the surface and rule all. He brought the annointed one - a child vampire who would led the slayer to her death - and did. Only, Buffy isn't like other slayers - because of her connections to the world - Xander performed CPR and brought Buffy back to life.

Buffy spent the summer with her father and when she returned she didn't deal well with the Master and her death. She took it out on her friends and when she learned the Annointed one was trying to bring the master back to life - she almost got her friends killed. Her junior year at Sunnydale high would be a horror filled time - but the worst was yet to come for this slayer.

With the master gone, and the annointed one soon to follow - Buffy found herself up against a new "Big Bad," Spike and Drusilla. Vampires who came to the hellmouth looking for a cure for Drusilla sickness. Turns out Angel knows these vampires - he made Drusilla - and he taught Spike everything he knows.

When Buffy and Angel flee from Spike and Drusilla - they end up in each others arms - and confess their love - by spending the night together. This one act rips Angel of his soul and reverts him back into Angelus.

Now, Buffy has to fight the person she loved most in the world. All the while protecting her friends and family. After Angel stepped up his harrasement of her - Buffy had to tell her mom something - just enough to keep her safe.

Buffy managed to do an "uninvite" spell on her house to keep him out - but it didn't stop Angelus from kililng Ms. Calendar. Even then, it was too hard for Buffy to kill him. It wasn't until she had no other choice that she was able to make the decision. To save the world Buffy had to kill Angel. She'd been kicked out of her house, school and lost the man she loved. Buffy left Sunnydale and went to LA.

While in LA Buffy was living under a different name and working as a waitress. Her role as a slayer was not to be forgotten when some area teens needer her help because they were being used as slaves. Buffy realized after that, that she had to go home and deal with her pain.

She was in for the biggest surprise in her life when he came back from hell and even though they fought it, they couldn't help falling in love again. Buffy's heartbreak from Angel wouldn't stop as he realized they had no real future together and left Sunnydale.

Buffy's senior year in high school was no picnic either. She faced demons, a new slayer with a penchant for killing and more heartbreak with Angel. Her toughest fight would come from the team of Sunnydale's Mayor and Rogue Slayer Faith. In order to save Angel - Buffy let him feed on her - after she nearly killed Faith. She also blew up the school to stop the mayor's acension at graduation.

Buffy moved on from Angel and Sunnydale High and emerced herself comepletely in UC Sunnydale. She met Riley Finn, the new man in her life and was on the road to happiness, but things in Sunnydale are never as they seem.

Her first week of school she had to fight a vampire who had been feeding off the students for quite a few years and adjust to a new roommate. She soon learned that her "fun" loving roommate was actually a demon from another dimension that was sucking Buffy's soul in order to stay and attend college as a human.

Spike returned to cause trouble for Buffy and she also made her first college mistake by sleeping with Parker, who was only interested in her to get her in the sack and move on. Buffy spent a while moping about Parker until she was transformed into a cave girl by drinking some tainted beer.

Buffy's relationship with Riley starts out slowly - she's a little caught up in trying to console Willow after Oz's departure. Things get even stranger for Buffy and Riley when she finds out that he is a government demon hunter and that his boss, is her Psych Professor. Buffy joins forces with the Initiative but after Walsh tries to kill her - she decides to bring them down.

As if she didn't have enough to deal with after finding out about Riley and the Initiative - Buffy had to deal with a newly awakened Faith who is out for revenge. Which she gets after she switches bodies with Buffy and manages to cause some havoc with her and Riley's relationship.

In order to stop A.D.A.M. the creation of Maggie Walsh - Buffy and Friends combine their essences and create a super slayer in Buffy. She stops A.D.A.M. and the Initiative closes it's doors for good.

Buffy and her friends are stalked in their dreams by the spirit of the first slayer as a result of the spell they did to stop A.D.A.M. They dreams make no sense to them - the only thing Buffy knows is that she is not a killer, and she's not alone - she's a slayer with friends and family - and that's what makes her good.

Buffy is currently working on becoming a stronger slayer and learning more about the slayers that came before her. She is dealing with the fact the her sister, is not really her sister (or even human.) Not to mention the fact that her mother has a brain tumor. After the successfull surgery for her mother's brain tumor - things were looking up in the life of the slayer. Her mom was healthy; Dawn was safe and Riley was her boyfriend.

Spike felt Buffy had a right to know where her corn-fed Iowa boy was spending his nights - so he took her to the nest that Riley had been frequenting and showed Buffy how Riley enjoys getting bit by Vampires. After Riley told her to give him a reason to stay or he was rejoining the military on a top-secret undercover mission - Riley left town.

Soon after Riley's departure, Dawn found out that she was not human - but the Key - the one thing that Glory is looking for. She discovers that Joyce is not her mother and Buffy is not her sister - she's not real. Buffy convinces her that she is her sister no matter what happens. The next big diaster in Buffy's life - Dawn tells Buffy that Spike is totally in love with her. Confused and sickened by the thought - Buffy confronts Spike, only to hear the same thing straight from the blondie bear's mouth.

He does love her and believes that they have heat and desire. He is not giving up on her. He's going to make sure she admits her feelings as well. The final devasting event that has occured to Buffy is the sudden death of her mother, Joyce. Complications involving the brain surgery took Joyce away from Buffy with very little pain and quietly in the Summer's House. It is now up to Buffy to figure out where she must go from here. Will the grief eat her alive - or will she get comfort from an unlikely source?

After the funeral for Joyce, Buffy spends the night in the cemetary with Angel, who comforts his one and only true love. The embrass in a kiss and remember why they can't be together so he leaves. Buffy arrives back at the house just as Dawn is completing a resurrection spell and they have a huge fight. Dawn thinks that Buffy doesn't even care that they have lost their mother. Buffy hits Dawn and then breaksdown in her arms after Dawn breaks the spell.

Buffy leaves Sunnydale with Giles to discover why her emotions are so hard and why she thinks she can't love anyone. While she's gone everyone in Sunnydale is convinced that the Slayer has lost her mind when they all see her with Spike. It turns out that the love sick vampire had Warren make him a BuffyBot. After Spike is captured and tortured by Glory for the whereabouts of the Key and he won't tell her - Buffy thanks Spike with a gentle kiss.

Buffy is warned by Dawn's prinicpal that if she can't make Dawn come to school and do her homework, then Buffy will be found unfit to raise her - and Dawn will be taken away from her. After saving Willow from Glory, Buffy sits in the basement of Stevenson Hall with Willow, Tara and Dawn - when Glory rips off the face of the building. Tara exclaims that Dawn is the most beautiful green energy - causing Glory to realize that Dawn is the Key. Buffy must take Dawn and leave Sunnydale.

Although she did her best to protect her Dawn is taking by Glory and Buffy goes catatonic and retreats into her own mind. Willow goes in and manages to bring her out - just in time to find out that the only way to stop Glory is to kill Dawn. Buffy makes the ultimate sacrifice by jumping into the portal instead of Dawn. Thus saving the world again - as her tombstone reads - She Saved the World. A Lot.

After being ripped out of Heaven by her friends, Buffy is trying to deal with her new life in Sunnydale - one of the people making it easier for her is Spike. He listens, and he knows what she went through in order to get out of her grave. Buffy has gone through a lot - being nearly broke, being tested by an unknown enemy and now trying to save Dawn from vampires on Halloween night.

Buffy has been trying to feel ever since she's come back from Heaven. The only thing that makes her feel - Spike. She's been having illict smoochies with him and just recently had sex with him. He told her that she'd come back wrong and that he could hurt her now - and during a vicious battle the two go from the verge of killing each other to very passionate sex while a building crashes and crumbles down around them.

Buffy's gotten a job at Doublemeat Palace so that she can provide for her and Dawn - but her burgeoning relationship with Spike and her late hours combined with the slaying - she hardly sees Dawn. After a visit from Riley, Buffy breaks things off with Spike and tries her best to stay away from him. When he confronts her at Xander and Anya's wedding - she tells him that it does hurt - but she has to be strong.

Buffy is trying to mend things with Dawn, but she doesn't really have time to deal with it when a demon injects her with poison, confusing Buffy as to which world she truly lives in - Sunnydale - or a mental institution with her family. After trying to kill all of her friends - Buffy has to repair her relationships once again - but the one she's not intersted in mending in the one with Spike - she still doesn't love him and after seeing him sleep with Anya and attempting to rape her - she's even more sure that she doesn't want him in her life.

When Spike leaves town without telling her - she is visably shaken and wonders when he's coming back. She doesn't have time to worry about Spike though - because she now has to stop Willow from killing everyone in Sunnydale after she goes Bad-Ass Wiccan after Tara's death.

Buffy wasn't strong enough to save WIllow from herself, it took the return of Giles and the pure love of Xander to bring down the Wiccan. The one thing Buffy did learn was that Dawn is a lot stronger than she looks as they fought side-by-side against some hell demons. Buffy is excited to get back to a normal life and show her sister the world.

She begins training Dawn in the ways of the slayer and even gets a new job at Sunnydale High. She's going to be a peer counselor - helping the students when they need her - and helping keep demons from munching on the schools populus.

Before she can do all that she has to cope with the fact that Spike is being tortured by something - and dealing with the fact that he got his soul back - for her - and that it is the cause of a lot of his current pain. Plus she is having dreams of Slayers in Training - being killed off - around the world.
Interests:19: angel, angelinvestigations, anya, buffy, cordelia, darla, dawn, doublemeatpalace, drusilla, faith, giles, oz, riley, slayer, spike, tara, wesley, willow, xander
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