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Below is user information for ipmelancholy. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:brokenhopebum (181722)
Location:jacksonville, Florida, United States
Bio:I've come to a point in my life where i move inch by inch while people and objects around me move by miles. I get smaller each and every day, and one of these days I will be so small that I'll fade into nothingness. The meaninglessness of my life is ridiculouse. I start to loose faith.. I start to loose myself. It gets harder and harder to breath. I chock on words. Pure Intoxicated Lies. I'm far from fine. I'm far from sane. I'm far from human. I could die any day.. and I don't want to regret anything. And i want to remember everything. Memories is all I have.

i love rollercoasters, cheap thrills, rockclimbing, falling on my arse and most of all music, most music. I like life, I like smiles, and really lame blond jokes. I don't watch alot of tee vee but there are exceptions. I'm confused about evrything all the time, but who isn't. I live day to day. Never make plans.
side note:believe it or not, i'm more than this profile. i respect myself. i'm not a lable. i'm not an image, and i'm definitly not a sterotype. I'm not what you see, I'm not what you want. And most importantly I'm nothing you will ever need.
Interests:103: 88 minor, all star converse, anarchy, anti-pooheads, antiflag, arm warmers, ball necklaces, ballet, beads, beliefs, black, blond jokes, books, boots, bracelets, brandon boyd, breaking up, brownies points, camp, cartoon network, cds, chasing shoobees, chrono trigger, chuck taylors,, cocopuffs, corytaylor(#8), crotch dancing, crows, dcms, deathsquads, dr.peper, drama class, drums, dry cell, electric guitars, emo kids, eyes, fight club, frolicking in cow fields, funny pictures, glassjaw, grabbing butts, halloween, heart to heart talks, holding hands, homemade movies, intellegent debates, internet, invador zim, jack black, jack handey, jacksonville locals, jokes, licks, long phone coversations, mac n cheese, meeting people, mice, mind communication with chris, mmusa, mods, mosh pits, movies, mp3s, mr.pibb, music, nail polish, night time, october nights, photographs, pinball, pogoing, punk rock shows, rain, rings, rock climbing, rock magazines, rudies, ska, skanking, skateboarding, skateboards, slam dancing, slipknot, smiles, socks, soundtracks, spiders, stars, surmize, swing, taxi cabs, the final fantasy series, the matrix, the moon, the taxi driver, the used, trains, video games, wind, world domination, wwf
Friends:4: dr1nkupr3tty, shatteredxheart, takebacmysunday, vicious525e
Friend of:2: shatteredxheart, takebacmysunday
Account type:Early Adopter

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