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Below is user information for -Erin- A.K.A -Sven-. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:broken_life (21699)
Name:-Erin- A.K.A -Sven-
Location:Albany, New York, United States
AOL IM:goodbyexkittie13 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:Lets just put it this way..

I like winter more then summer, but I like warm weather more then the cold.

- Want to know more? Read my journal (add me as a friend first and comment that you have), or IM me.


And no.. I'm not black lmao. Shes white.. and black woot.

People who have made me icons:
> acutepunk -Avril
> prettyful_icons - Avril, Chester 'somewhere I belong'
> playbunni_th0ng - A lot (lmao)
> morbidly -The 'now you wish.. you loved me' one, and 'Maybe things would have gottin better'
> witchezkat -Skater Snoopy
> kelzdipz -Even NNY Cries
> oldskoolratz -Chii?
> bounciin -Daria

> percyluv- Current layout 'Johnny'

erk_my_mom muahaha!!

Claimed by:
erk_my_mom be jealous!!

Linkin Park


Tenchi Muyo!

No, Black and Friend

Go Catch Some Good Charlotte Members.
by empsbaybee



JOHNNY... kill... the.. CHEERLEADERS!!

JOHNNY AND SQUEE Squee's the best ;)


Love them, then you're fine with me :-P Otherwise.. it'll take e a while to like you. Muahaha.

CW- 117
HW- 120
LW- 114
Goal Weight- 110 or less.


Multiply weight by 704.7, then divide that number by 4225 (for me), and then you have your BMI.

Emacaited- Under 15
Ana- Under 17.5
Underweight- Under 19
Normal- 19-24
Overweight- 25-29
Obese- 29+

Interests:127: a walk to remember, albums, aleesha, aleesha cuz she's hott, ana, anorexia, armwarmers, batteries, beanies, black, black ink pens, black magick, blacklights, blair witch project, blink 182, blue, blues clues, box car racer, boy meets world, bracelets, candy, cds, chain wallets, chains, chevelle, chocolate frosting, christmas, clovers, crayons, daria, devi, drawing on myself, e.d, ed, ed-nos, eminem, evanescence, family, fanfiction, filler bunny, friends, gir, good charlotte, green, green day, happy bunny, happy noodle boy, hating school, hoobastank, hot topic, ireland, irish, italian ice, johnny, johnny the homocidal maniac, korn, lalala, lenore, linkin park, lucky care bear, luigi, magic, magick, making the band, mario, matthew lillard, moons, mtb, music, my bed, my jason mask, my scream mask, my striped toe socks, new found glory, nny, our lady peace, pencils, poems, real world, reeses, restricting, rings, road rules, rping, safety pins, scream, sharpies, silver, simple plan, singing, skittles, smarties, smell of nail polish, snoopy, songs, spiderman, squee, st. patricks day, stand by me, star shirts, stars, starving, sweep, t.a.t.u, tash, the new guy, the ring, the sand lot, the used, they, thirteen ghosts, thumb rings, trustcompany, tsx, van wilder, vanilla icecream, white magick, white out, winnie the pooh, witch, witch boy, witch craft, witches, writing, x-men, yoshi, zoomies
Friends:81: acid_mind, addme, aimezmoi, alf_, anime, animeicons, bella_anorexia, be_emotionless, bj_awards, bj_blinkies, bl00dyval3ntine, bobfrapple2014, broken_heart07, cassettes, celebrityclaims, chicguitarist, claimyourband, claim_an_anime, claim_a_bjuser, claim_a_name, close_friends, communitypromo, community_ads, creatalayout, darkenedxwitch, ddrfreaks, deathavril, deranged, erk_my_mom, evanescence_, final_fantasy, finch_is_god, goodcharlotte, hello_kaity, hiddenhearts, hoodiewhores, iamdarkpoetry, iconmakers, icons_, icons_4_u, icon_holic, ilovesome1693, jthm_, judging_rpgs, l0veme, lay_me_out, linkin_park, lysha, m0nstergirl, mjbreaker88, morbidbeauty, morbid_icons, music_whores, newfriends, playbunni_th0ng, prechuz_awards, preppianqel, proana, punkchicks, punkers, punkettes__, punk_rock_poser, rabidbunny, ruby_soho, sarimania, skittles, smiilez, stopthepain, suicide_note, supernobody, synge, thebrokengirl, this_side_up, twiggette, twistedstarz, wannabe, witchcraft, word_claims, xxtheusedxx, yoursinsintome, _bittersweet
Friend of:21: aimezmoi, bl00dyval3ntine, chicguitarist, darkenedxwitch, endless_tears, hello_kaity, hiddenhearts, iamdarkpoetry, l0veme, mike_ocksbig, playbunni_th0ng, preppianqel, rabidbunny, ruby_soho, smiilez, supernobody, twiggette, wannabe, xpinklemonadex, yoursinsintome, _bittersweet
Member of:33: acid_mind, alf_, anime, animeicons, bella_anorexia, bj_awards, claimyourband, claim_an_anime, claim_a_bjuser, close_friends, communitypromo, community_ads, creatalayout, ddrfreaks, final_fantasy, finch_is_god, goodcharlotte, hoodiewhores, icons_, icons_4_u, jthm_, judging_rpgs, lay_me_out, linkin_park, newfriends, proana, punkers, punkettes__, stopthepain, suicide_note, this_side_up, witchcraft, word_claims
Account type:Early Adopter

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