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User:broken_eyes (155820)
Website:My Poetry

:: Info ::

Name: Wouldnt you like to know
Age: twinty
Height: Just under 5'6"
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: brown with slight leftover highlights
Occupation: ISP tech support
Study: Auto Mechanics
Home: Somewhere in Utah
Status: Depressed
Artists: Art:Luis Royo, Dorian Cleaver, Giger. Music... too many to name.
Curretly reading:
Interests: I enjoy listening to music or watching movies to experience emotions that regular life does not offer.
Fave things: Hot cocoa and slightly buttered toast, cuddled up in a warm blanket. Driving fast. Parks. Movies. Hicking... *shrug*


I am the Shadow, spawned from the flickering candle and the outcasted darkness.
I am the dream in which has not yet been dremt.
I am the Mother who bears no chyldren yet the world is her chyld.
I am the Priestess whos only limit is her will.
I am the Wolf who wanders the fine lines of darkness and light.
I am the Guardian who watches the gates of an unknown tower.
I am the Empress of a people not yet brought together.
I am the Mother, the Lady, the Priestess, the Wolf, the Empress.
In short: Im Pagan and much darker then any shade of black.


I'm the punk who runs today_i_am

I love music... who doesn't? I enjoy most genre... I tolerate country but its not too high up there on my list. I like to play music - Flute, Sax, Piano, Guitar are my main instruments and im curently learning how to mix music and create music with a program called TootyFruity.
I used to play sports but had to stop afte a serious arm injury.

My background was created by me. =)

Morty the Death's Head

Which Jhonen Vaquez character are you? By EmReznor.

Friends:13: 7thcagedtiger, angel2001, boomerang_snake, confession, damianofdreams, damian_star, modest_riot, numbedemotions, only_in_heaven, today_i_am, utahrebels, vortex773310, xcrycforxhelpx
Friend of:6: 7thcagedtiger, angel2001, creativeye, damianofdreams, modest_riot, numbedemotions
Member of:12: claim_a_person, community_ads, confession, emo_kids, geekandproud, layout_haven, poeticdevice, tainted_lay0uts, today_i_am, utahrebels, xcrycforxhelpx, _claim_a_song_
Account type:Early Adopter

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