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Below is information about the "Fans Of Britney Spears" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:britney_fans (14330)  
Name:Fans Of Britney Spears
Welcome to britney_fans! This is the first ever Britney Spears fan community at Blurty. Many copied, but we're still the original! This is an open-membership journal, meaning anyone can join. There are however, a few simple rules you must follow:

1. Keep all entries on topic. No "Hey, I'm new. Add me!" posts. I will delete them, without warning.
2. Do not promote your communities in here. If you ask for permission, I'll let you. But that's the catch, you must ask first. Those entries will also be deleted and you will be banned.
3. No hatin'! If you don't like Britney Spears, why are you wasting your time telling us? Go be productive somewhere else, thankyou.
4. Introduce yourself! We'd like to know who you are! A simple "name, age, location, favorite Britney song" will be perfectly fine.
5. All pictures over 150x150 need to be behind an lj-cut.
Interests:18: acting, barbie, being a girl, being me, britney, britney spears, crossroads, dancing, justin timberlake, makeup, music, pepsi, performing, pink, pop, pop music, pop stars, singing
Members:103: 0hsuhk0sh_, 5o3, acissej_, adore__me, a_shopper, b0mbastic_love, babiita, babycakiez, beautiful_xo, benjizdaman, blonde_, blueflyer, blue_tearz, boycrazie, br1t_, breathtakinq, britified, britneydancerxo, concrete_heart, crazeeliquie, dirtydenim, dork1124, dreams_change, dream_child, dunkychicken, emmers, faeriekissesxo, faerielover, faeriie, flirtation, foxxy_gurl2004, funlovingme, getminegetyours, ghettopunk04, glamorous, glitznglam_, hadenough, heatherr, hilla, ilovelancex, iwannabebritney, i_lovejustin, jennayb, jlowannabetat, joshnjess7688, kennyvasoliyum, kiss_me_crazy, lilxtina, lucky16, madeprincess, mariahhoney85, megabear, midnight_kitten, misscrystalx0, missjaimelee, moonnpuddin, original_doll, patticakes, pink_ish, pink_tearz, potato_slice, pridelovelust, princess_slut, punk_ass_bitch, qlamour, qnarly, raining_, rockin, roxietay, seansbabygirl, seduce__, sensational, shatteredglass, simbiani, sing, skatteredtears, slaveforujc, social, sultry_babii, sweetxwhispers, taking_chances, teenyweeny, the_gift, twizziexo, want_me, wild_h0ney, x0lyssa0x, xcutedreamerx, xmissamericax, xoxopinkiexoxo, xtc_skank, xxshawnaxx, _adorkable, _bruiseddollie, _bxckii, _glowstixx, _jiggawhat, _makeover, _rockstar_, _teddie_, _x0xo, _xo_star_, __mesmerized
Watched by:43: approval, a_shopper, b0mbastic_love, babiita, benjizdaman, blonde_, blueflyer, br1t_, britified, britneydancerxo, dork1124, faerielover, getminegetyours, ghettopunk04, glitznglam_, hadenough, ilovelancex, iwannabebritney, i_lovejustin, kennyvasoliyum, kiss_me_crazy, lucky16, madeprincess, missjaimelee, naturellebella, original_doll, pink_tearz, princess_slut, qnarly, raining_, sing, skatteredtears, slaveforujc, sultry_babii, taking_chances, the_gift, want_me, wild_h0ney, x0lyssa0x, xcutedreamerx, xmissamericax, xoxopinkiexoxo, _adorkable
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