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User:british_chap (668772)
Website:My GreatestJournal!!
Location:United Kingdom
Bio:I love Britian

Visit the official royal website of the UK!!
Interests:83: accents, bbc, big ben, bobbys, bowler hat, britannia, britian, british lion, british people, british slang, british telephone booths, brits, buckingham palace, bulldog, butlers, cabs, castles, cricket, crown jewels, double decker buses, england, english breakfast, fish and chips, gold state coach, guards, hampton court palace, harrods, house of parliament, hyde park, john bull, kensington palace, lloyd's building, london, london aquarium, london bridge, london eye, london oratory, london zoo, madame tussaud's museum, maids, marble arch, mind the gap, national history museum, oxford street, prince charles, prince harry, prince william, princess diana, pubs, queen elizabeth, queen elizabeth ii, queen mum, queen's furs, regent's park, regents park, river thames, robin, royal art collection, royal family, royals, sightseeing tour buses, spice girls, st. james park, st. james's church, st. pancras station, st. paul's cathedral, taxi, tea, telly, the cutty sark, the metric system, the tube, top of the pops, tower bridge, tower of london, trafalgar square, uk, united kingdom, victoria & albert museum, victoria station, westminster abbey, westminster cathedral, yeoman warders
Friends:8: ckarma_01, joelsdurtysheet, lynyrd_skynyrd_, patr0xmysh0eb0x, retard_barbie, siu_heidi, something_more, xo_jessiieyy
Friend of:4: got_molko, jayna, patr0xmysh0eb0x, xo_jessiieyy
Member of:7: addme_uk, britpunk, brits_americans, ic0nz_, totp, ukfashion, united_kingdom
Account type:Free User

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