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User:brianlittrell (2380)
Name:Brian Littrell
Website:Healthy Heart Club
Location:Lexington, Kentucky, United States
Bio:[ How could the real Brian possibly have enough free time to maintain a journal of this sort, and why would he have a public one? In other words, I'm not really him nor am I affilated with him or the rest of BSB in any way, shape, or form. Nothing written in this journal, except facts and/or quotes taken from news/magazine articles/interviews/etc.., is meant to be taken as any reflection on Brian Littrell's actual life. ]
Friends:96: 50xcent, allisonxmack, a__hannigan, benji__gc, billy____boyd, boombastic_brit, brutalhonesty, caitlyngranger, cameraguysteve, chadgilbert, colin_, comeau_, david_b, david_sp_, derek_zoolander, dontcallmeviggy, dr_ruth, emerbearz, e_p_dushku, faked_icons, fake_it, fake_itpolice, fake_it_admin, fake_it_priest, fake_it_random, gates, hawaiian_angel, hiimelijah, james_lancebass, jc_chasexy_, jeffxstinco, jeremiah__, joel_, josh_hart, julioiglesiasjr, j___alba, kel___clarkson, kramer_clare, kristina_hawaii, krisxkreuk, kutcher_, lan_news, lavigneravril, leighanne_reena, lisha_cuthbertx, liv_tyler, longin, l_prepon_, marsters__, matt_lovato__, mest_tonylavato, michellebranch_, mike_striver, millerxman, miss_carlton, miss_jaimelynn, monaghan, moore_amanda, murphinator, nickwheeler, nik_mckibbin, ooc_as_nsync, pat_, phillipe_, pierre_is_pimp, rachelstevens_, rachelxaguilera, ricci_christina, richard_helton, ryan_starr_, sarahxgellarx, sebby_sp, sexy_kiki, smith_kim_smith, stevexnfg, tamyra_, taraxoxoreid, the_diddy, timbatimbalake, tonya_mitch3ll, t_wilson_, xkate_hudsonx, xnick_carterx, xtina__dirrty, xxreesexx, x_hayden_x, _gere, _jenn_hewitt_, _johnmayer, _kh_, _missportman_, _orlando_, _parisxhilton, _tysonritter, __diaz, ___freddie___
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