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User:brendan__fehr (171284)
Location:Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
AOL IM:brendan j fehr (Add Buddy, Send Message)

there's enough brendan to go around

[ DELFINO ]  Yeah, so this is Maj. You know, when we first started filming Roswell; I couldn't stand her. Don't know.. she just pissed me off. Not a good position to be in when the writers are planning this intricate relationship thing on screen. So she grew on me. That didn't mean I stopped giving her a hard time. Still haven't. We had and on and off thing going for awhile. You know what? At this point I don't even know what's going on with Majandra. That's not a lie . I'm a very confused individual when it comes to that. But we're getting along wonderfully. [ HEIGL ]  Now this is a rare photograph. For one, it's off set and Katherine isn't latched to Jason and if memory serves he was around when it was taken. Secondly, after one of many pranks pulled at her expense -- my arm is around her and she's smiling. Kat's alright though, as long as she's not acting as the Yoko Ono to Jason's John Lennon and my Paul McCartney. Haha. [ BEHR ]  On a set with crazy women like we had, us guys have to stick together. Jason's a good guy. Strange ideas as of late about what would be funny to gross Maj out.. but a good guy. Even though he used to be one of the people giving me a hard time about the Canadian accent slipping out on set. Another thing about Jason, always on the cell phone. Well.. whenever Kate's not in the immediate area. [ APPLEBY ] I think this was one of the first times I saw Shiri get her hands dirty. Nah, that's not true, she had a few rolls in the desert set with Jason. Shiri and I get along a lot better now than we did the first season. When we're pissed at each other I'm like, 'Shiri, don't be a witch.' And she'll say, 'Brendan, don't be a jerk.' It's like a brother-sister thing and 10 minutes later we get it off our chest. You can't always do that with our costars, so it's really cool.

[ It's not real. Get over it ]
Interests:32: alcohol, beer, boobs, canada, canada rules, cars, cell phones, dogs, drinking, hockey, humor, jason behr, jokes, katherine heigl, laughing at other people, maj delfino, metallica, movies, music, racing, rock and roll, roswell, sex, shiri appleby, shots, south park, stuff, television, tricks, upn, wb, women
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