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Below is user information for Squishy. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:breatheforme (630253)
Interests:150: 80's music, a fire inside, acey slade, addictions, adema, afi, aim, amir derakh, androgyny, anita blake series, art, astrology, being left alone, ben graves, bi, billy martin, bisexuality, biting, black, black clothing, bobby hewitt, boys kissing boys, boys who wear eyeliner, boys with long hair, candels, carlton megalodon, cold weather, collars, cover songs, creature, crime library, cross dressers, crying, cuddling, culture, cutting, cygnus, dancing, daniel johns, darkness, davey havok, daydreaming, dead or alive, deadstar assembly, deadsy, dearborn, death, donnie darko, dreams, dreggs, dro, dsa, elijah blue, eric griffen, eyeliner, flirting, frank the bunny, freaks, freddy mercury, ghosts, goldfinger, good charlotte, guilty pleasures, hair dye, happiness, history, hot topic, intelligence, jay gordon, jeffrey dahmer, joey jordison, john davis, john feldman, knives, korn, laurell k hamilton, level 27 clothing, linkin park, made clothing, manic street preachers, mark ryden, marylin manson, masochism, mest, mike shinoda, moon, morbid art, morbid thoughts, mubo, murderdolls, new wave, nightmare before christmas, nightmares, nine inch nails, open minds, oracle cards, orgy, paige haley, passion, photography, piercings, pillows, pink, pixie styx, poetry, pottery, queen, queen of the damned, quizilla, quizzes, reading, ren & stimpy, replicant clothing, richey edwards, rob zombie, rocky horror picture show, romance, ryan shuck, saftey pins, sarcasm, scarring, scratching, seduction, self mutilation, self-harm, serial killers, sex pistols, short hair, silverchair, simple plan, sleeping, slow songs, staind, straight edge, tarot cards, tattoos, thinking, thunderstorms, toe socks, tony lavato, tool, torrid, trent reznor, truth, twiggy ramirez, understanding, uniqueness, wednesday 13, xero, yellowcard
Friends:8: blacknighttiger, drunknmunky, emotional_scars, i_touch_my_cat, meex, reverendglass, sanctimony, this_lost_hope
Friend of:11: annicklet, drunknmunky, emotional_scars, greek_hyperion, i_dont_know_why, i_touch_my_cat, meex, reverendglass, rotten_beauty, sanctimony, this_lost_hope
Member of:4: deadsy_fans, dsa, love_the_pain, orgy_
Account type:Free User

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