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Below is user information for Nonsequencial Rhetorical Splatter. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:brainmeat (599783)  
Name:Nonsequencial Rhetorical Splatter
Location:dallas, United States
AOL IM:defenestrae (Add Buddy, Send Message)

BRAINMEAT: What It Is And What It Does. It is a trifle little musical note, with a flare for the arts and written word. It possesses irksome dimensions of physical mass, hair to toes and side to side, coupled and tripled with anatomical uniqueness that boggles the brain and cripples to body. It is fatigued by it's own routine and discourses. It fancies a drink every now and again, and a little smoke to feel like mingling with folk. Such is the yolk of It. As well is the joke of It.

ATTRIBUTES(flaws one might say... or maybe two...): IN A STATE OF CONSTANT REVISION. MORE LATER.

WEAPONS OF CHOICE: Audibly, the six-string bane of all angst-ridden teens throughout the nations and beyond, the guitar. Visually, I have a child-like preference to inks and small surfaces... unless paint is involved, where I NEED large walls or I'm not properly satiated and must endulge my mind in heavy drink... which brings to mind another choice tool for the exploitation of myself and others...
That which inspires before it expires, then you follow it down the roads of "withdrawl"... that which also happens to the wallets and bank accounts of those like myself, who enjoy the drink a tad too frequently.

In the midst of explaining myself and my various oddball little quirks and irks, let me interject upon myself to explain my reason for living, and breathing, and entertaining the thought that I might be able to help someone in life... my dearest goeth, whom I've known for many years and have been with for many years. Any and all fondess I possess for another human being, animal or plant is completely overshadowed by the unexplainable love I hold for this beautiful woman. There are those out there who have in the past proven their intentions to hurt us, or to hurt her, and I've erased these individuals from our lives completely. Such will be done to anyone else whom chooses to defile what they think we possess together as a spiritual unit. You do not know us, you will never know us, and we put no stock in your ignorent perception of what we have. If we wanted your analysis, we would've fucking asked for it writen, on a piece of fucking paper, you piece of shit.

Like all those seedy and shifty, It chooses only friends to view this journal. If you add it, and are not too outside of what It considers pure, It will add you back.
"Time is only as important as those who are wasting it." -heart-felt advice given to me by a friend long since forgotten-
I cannot stress enough, with as much conviction needed as to convey disappointment, the invalidity of this... monstrosity I intend to create here. Only it's effects are with substance, for what is within itself is hollow and selfish. And to all my adorable little lovelies, I am in constant love with each and every one of you, and I miss you every time we are apart.
Interests:131: 1334, 20th century art movements, abstract art, albrect durer, ambient, american underground nihilists society, animal rights, animals, anti, anton lavey, apocalypse culture, arrhythmia, art, art nouveau, audio, barry adamson, bauhaus, body mod, bosch, boyd rice, bugs, cabaret voltaire, carl jung, christian death, coffee, coil, complexity, crash worship, creating music, current 93, dadaism, dead guy ale, death in june, der todesking, diamanda galas, divine, egon schielle, einsturzende neubauten, end of the world, end of time, expressionism, exquisite corpse, faith no more, fantomas, flametrick subs, foetus, garage rock revival, gg allin, godflesh, gore, greco-roman art, gustav klimpt, horror, horror movies, hugo ball, idiot flesh, illustration, indie rock, j.g. thirlwell, jello biafra, john waters, junk, junk opera, kinetic art, king crimson, liquor, lo-fi, lycanthropy, magnetic fields, malleus maleficarum, max ernst, meshuggah, metriumology, mike patton, ministry, morrissey, mr. bungle, muscadine, musical instruments, nekromantik, neolithic, niberu, nihilism, nils frykdahl, nivek ogre, noise, non, non sequiters, ohgr, orchestrations, pigface, plexi, premature ejaculation, prog rock, rasputina, re/search, red bennies, rhythm, rozz williams, satanism, schramm, sex pistols, shadow project, shadow reichenstein, simplicity, skeleton key, skinny puppy, sleepytime gorilla museum, suckdog, surrealism, tea, the cramps, the melvins, the residents, the smiths, the tiger lillies, this mortal coil, tin hat trio, tom waits, tribal rhythm, tristan tzara, underground, underground art, uz jsme doma, vegan, veganism, vegetarianism, vhs, video, wine, year zero
Friends:1: goeth
Friend of:2: almosthuman, goeth
Account type:Free User

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