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User:br0wneyes (50063)
Location:Kokomo, Indiana, United States
Bio:Name Cortney
Nicknames Angel, Mommie
Age/DOB 15--01/16/88
Location Indiana
Stats single for the moment

Cute Stuff

Friends My best friend in the world is Brittany. She's been here for me through thick and thin, even when I am a bitch! She's awesome. And she's going to be a great godmother!!! Shana hasn't always been there, but when it counts, she's there in a flash. Cory, he's great. He's always there when I need anyone.. I don't even have to ask, he just... knows... I love them all...
Family My family has to be one of the most important things to me. It's strange... I didn't know my real father and I wouldn't know him if it weren't for Philip. But he's great. Although I don't agree with everything he does (he smokes, he's also homosexual), he's still my father... Mom, she's the best ever. She's been there when I thought everyone would leave me. Matt, same for him. We don't get along all the time, but he's the best step-dad you could get. Keith... He's Daddy, plain and simple. He was there when Jamie (real dad) wasn't... David's awesome... For a four year old. :) Grandma and Grandpa... I love them to death...
School I'm a freshman in high school at KHS (Kokomo High School... how original). I've made tons of new friends, but I've managed to stay close with the real friends... Things won't be the same for long, but they'll stay close to the same... I hope...
My Baby She's not even here yet, but I love her with all my heart. I would do anything for her. Her name's Rose Marie Lynn. She's due February 27th... But I could pretty much have her anytime now... I can't wait...
Interests:18: babies, blinkies, diaries, eminem, family, friends, graphics, icons, internet, journals, justin timberlake, love, music, nelly, pregnant teens, roses, sexy clothes, teenage pregnancy
Friends:53: addme, addmetoo, aladdinsangel, battah_suicide, beautiful_xo, blackened_ashes, blinkie, boyfriends, butterfli08, derycks_chicka, dote, dreamertears, dreamwork, for_you, freak112302, glassxemotionsx, goodcharl0tte, iconawards, imadreamer, immommy, i_eat_skittlez, i_luv_matt, jlm1779, jrtissexc, kearebear, kittiekat, kxgetdirrtyxj, lilgirl21, little_dreamer, mandythemom, missyboo, mommytobe, mommytobe03, mysilentundoing, peachy_, pixiedust88, preciouzz_thonq, samantha2002, sarah69says, seansbabygirl, sexieness, shawtgal, starsmaycollide, storyofagirl, tlb06, wittle_weetawd, xglorious, xtwistedpinkx, _fighter_, _rikku_, _so_unreal_, _venting_a_past, __stars
Friend of:27: aladdinsangel, annah007, byrd, derycks_chicka, freak112302, glassxemotionsx, goodcharl0tte, ilovelancex, imadreamer, i_eat_skittlez, joho, jrtissexc, kearebear, kxgetdirrtyxj, lexapower, mommytobe, mysilentundoing, norcalx3310, seansbabygirl, sexieness, storyofagirl, tlb06, wishiwaspunkrok, wittle_weetawd, xglorious, xtwistedpinkx, _rikku_
Member of:3: boyfriends, dreamwork, immommy
Account type:Early Adopter

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