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Below is information about the "♥;Aloquicious" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:bprs4e (605802)
Website:Emergency P
Location:Grand Blanc, Michigan, United States
About:"Youre three percent lemon juice and ninty seven percent shake well before enjoying So what do you think he said to the mute Go wash your lips and think of your mom in the process." -EmergencyPoncho
Interests:148: 311, afi, african americans, alkaline trio, anal sex, angelina jolie, apples, as told by ginger, ataris, audrey hepburn, bananas, beds, being alone, bevis and butthead, blink 182, blood, blood brothers, bloodhound gang, boobs, bright eyes, candles, capulet, cky, coffee, coheed and cambria, concerts, crying, dancing, dashboard confessional, dawgs, deftones, degrassi, destruction made simple, dirrty, donnie darko, drag queens, drawing, dreaming, dressing up, drive thru records, dying my hair, eggs, emergency poncho, espanol, fear, finch, fire, five iron frenzy, flintlocal432, flogging molly, forests, from autumn to ashes, funny, further seems forever, girls, glassjaw, green, green day, hand jobs, harry potter, ice cream, incubus, italy, jessica alba, jill, jimmy eat world, jimmy fallon, john mayer, john mayor, karaoke machines, kind of like spitting, lemons, lime green, lip gloss, lotion, love, macguyver, mad caddies, make up, mark hoppus, maxwell, midtown, millencolin, mxpx, my chemical romance, my journal, new found glory, new york, nickelodeon, no socks, nofx, off by one, off kilter, oh my god, old cartoons, oral sex, oranges, orgy, our lady peace, pictures, pixies, playing guitar, poe, portished, rain, raising the roof, rasberries, resse witherspoon, rome, salute your shorts, saves the day, sex, showers, small brown bike, smashing pumpkins, snow, something corporate, spaghetti, stars, suckers, sugar cult, sunsets, superman ice cream, superstar, sweaty bodies, taking back sunday, taking pictures, tears for fears, the early november, the get up kids, the juliana theory, the kinetic stereokids, the new amsterdams, the philippines, the used, thrice, thunderstorms, thursday, time spent driving, titties, trading spaces, usher, vanilla, watching movies, water, weezer, winter, yellowcard
Members:7: becky_idare210, brighteyeswhore, dtrshauna, elainebennis, emergencyponcho, governor, killswitchengag
Watched by:2: dtrshauna, elainebennis
Account type:Free User

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