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User:boycrazygrl747 (171473)
Website:follow me on twitter
Bio:i'm a female graduate student who had been trying to keep a journal on my own in college, but since i seem to always be on the computer, i figured this is the way to go. :) i love my friends here, from college, and at home, but my main topic for journal entries is my boy/sex life... there is always so much to say or ponder, and i can think better when it's in writing. so here we go...

bare your soul...
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now almost ALL of the entries i post will be Friends Only...
you may still get some less personal posts if you're not on the list; but really
want to know what's going on behind closed doors? just ask and get added...

come on... you know you want to...

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Character List: here are some of the people you may be reading about...

Cher: that's me! my full name is Cheryl, but most people call me Cher.
Promo: we met working at an event, and a few dates later, we were falling for one another. things are going well... could he be the one?
Craig: although we met via the internet, this guy and i have plenty in common in real life. he's considerate, sweet, and generous. can i finally settle down with the nice guy?
Lawyer: intelligent and educated, this law student won me over. different aspirations and a 4 year age difference interfered. can things be salvaged?
Virginia: met at the gym, this southern gentleman was insistent about taking me out. just as things got hot, he fizzled out. will he be back?
Ninja: a med student in the area, Ninja is a sweet guy who has a great sense of humor. however, med school occupies his life. do i really want to be second to school?
Traveler: i met him in an airport in 2008 and entered a whirlwind romance with this charmer. just as i began falling for him, he moved far, far away.
Gym Hooker/Trainer: a personal trainer at my gym, this guy is delicious: amazing body, great smile, and lots of charm... not to mention amazing sex.
FEx: this guy is my Favorite Ex from high school who came to visit me. he's a wonderful guy who reminds me just how well i deserve to be treated.
Crush: a guy who i grew up with... we dated for a year until he abruptly broke up with me... the amazing sex continued until he suddenly found a new girlfriend and started the silent treatment. can we ever be just friends?
2: his name is Brian, but is the second Brian that i was writing about (and best friends with the first Brian). he didn't want a real relationship, yet we hooked up for over a year and a half, he took me to meet his family, etc... Fall 05 was our last semester together, but you never know what could happens next...
Marcus: THE ex boyfriend from earlier on in college. he cheated on me and we broke up, and i was really hurt. we had breakup sex a year later, and he called for years and wanted me back... the attention was gratifying, and the hook ups were amazing, but i don't want him back as a boyfriend... but who can turn down electrifying sex? and with his girlfriend calling and harassing me? the drama never stops.
Gay Friend: we met at freshman orientation... he's always made it clear he was interested, but i never have been, partially since i think he may turn gay in the future... but that didn't stop him from trying to make out with me!

check back for new characters. ;)
Memories:4 entries
Interests:15: advice, bikinis, boys, clubs, cooking, dancing, erotica, love, masturbation, men, music, running, sex, sex stories, summer
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