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Below is user information for Lori. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:boybandjunkiie (468462)
Location:New Jersey, United States
AOL IM:Lorz628 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
`-` * Heyy :) i'm Lori + currently 15 years old.

`-` * I love singing, dancing, and acting.. so basically, i LOVE performing!

`-` * Look below and you'll see more of my interests ;)
Interests:150: aaron carter, abercrombie and fitch, acting, aim, american idol, baby blue, ballet, basketball, bbmak, ben affleck, best friends, bloomingdales, boston, boy bands, boy meets world, brian vitone, broadway, buffalo jeans, burberry, california, carribean islands, cell phones, central square, chick flicks, chris trousdale, christmas, clay aiken, clinique happy perfume, clothes, coach, concerts, cookie dough ice cream, cosmo girl, dancing, dip n dots, disney channel original movies, dreamstreet, europe, even stevens, eyeliner, field hockey, florida, frankie galasso, french vanilla, friends, gap, gap body, generations, ginger salad, greg raposo, hangin out, hardtail, hats, hip-hop, holiday in the sun, ice skating, islands, jacob john smalley, japenese food, jazz, jesse mccartney, josh hartnett, juicy couture, jump5, june, justin timberlake, kaila amariah, krispy kreme, laughing, lip gloss, lizzie mcguire, luxurious hotels, mac, magazines, make-up, mandy moore, manhattan, manicures, matt ballinger, mavis, michael stars, mmc, mocha frappacinos, movies, mtv, music, my birthday, naomi striemer, nars, new york city, nordstroms, nsync, ocean city boardwalk, olsen twins, orbit gum, orlando, pale pink, palm trees, pedicures, performing, phoenix, phone, picture trails, pina coladas, play, pop music, prada, reality tv, roller coasters, romance, running, ryan merriman, saks, scary movies, scoop, scottsdale, sephora, seven jeans, seventeen, shopping, singing, skiing, spring, star search, starbucks, steve madden, stevie brock, straight hair, summer, sunglasses, sunsets, sushi, talking, tanning, teen people, the atlantis, the bahamas, the beach, the disney channel, the olsen twins, thomas ian nicholas, three dots, tiffany & co, traveling, trl, tube tops, vacations, yearbooks, ym, zines
Friends:10: blondie_d0rkk, bruisednbr0ken, eponine1313, eyebrowz01, greggyg0tback, lil_gr0upi3, skate99chick, trousiefan, x0craziichances, xemily
Friend of:8: artistgirl, blondie_d0rkk, bruisednbr0ken, greggyg0tback, lil_gr0upi3, skate99chick, steffydee, x0craziichances
Account type:Free User

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