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Below is user information for Phase 3. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:bouncingsoul (123918)
Name:Phase 3
Website:The Checkers
Location:TRENTON, United States
AOL IM:flogginmollyguk (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Interests:146: 1950's, 37 slurp, 50's pin up girls, acdc, acoustic, alkaline trio, american movie, austin, axel rose, b horror movies, backyard wrestling, bass, bigwig, bill's mullet, blankets, blink 182, boobies, bras, bread, cadaver, chasing amy, chasing the yellow line, clerks, cold play, crate amps, cross eyed cow, ctyl, dg4l sleepovers, dr. thunder, el scorcho, elliot smith, elvis costello, elvis sucks, emo, emo girls, empty handed nj, falling asleep on someone, fender guitars, fonzi, food, fuck avril, fuck nazis, fuck the sex pistols, fucking, gary coleman, get up kids, gibson guitars, gil evergreen, goldfish, green day, green goblyn project, guitar, guns and roses, happy days, hardcore porn, hiding bodies, hooters, horror movies, horror punk, i gotta pee, janine, jenna jameson, john lennon, kevin smith, kids in the hall, killing, labia, lagwagon, leather jackets, legos, legs, local bands, local nj music, local punk, mad tv, mallrats, marilyn monroe, matthew pryor, men, misfits, mr. lemmywinks, mr. t, mxpx, my blanket, my red sweatshirt, naked pictures, nick at nite, nipples, no jelly, nofx, not feeding the fish, nudity, owen wilson, peanut butter, peanut fucking butter, pee-pee, pizza, pomade, pompadors, poop, pork roll, porn, porno, punk, punk shows, rachel lee cook, ralph wiggum, ric flair, ringo fucking starr, rock, rock and roll highschool, ron jeremy, saves the day, scary movies, scrabble, screeching weasel, shannon, singing (to myself), slash, snl, softcore, south park, squirt gun, steven seagul, stop potatoe violence, the beatles, the bouncing souls, the checkers, the crypt keeper five, the downers, the fucking beatles, the game of life, the juliana theroy, the methadones, the nick harris experience, the queers, the ramones, the riverdales, the twilight zone, the vindictives, thongs, tits, underpants, uvulas, vagina, weezer
Friends:15: 4eleven, converserockkid, everythingsux, geek_wh0re, horrors, imperfectstar, lastinline, mrchainsaw, mrlonely, mrpeepers, rude_people, shady, shiiverr, thegetupkid13, the_misfits
Friend of:14: converserockkid, geek_wh0re, imperfectstar, karma112, lastinline, mailmandriveby, mrchainsaw, mrlonely, mrpeepers, popefuel, shady, shiiverr, sleep2dream, thegetupkid13
Member of:4: cultxclassics, emokids, horrors, rude_people
Account type:Early Adopter

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