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Below is user information for risa. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:boriqua__ (20380)
Location:NYC, New York, United States
( the life )

name  arissa
nick names  risa, elmo, babycakez, qanqzta boO, beybey, mami, krispiez, furball
aqe  18schoOL  cosmOtoloqy, soOn NYU or Lequardia
residence  brOoklyn
sex  mami doOfus
status  cOme on nOw ya`ll knOw hOw we dO!  keepin` it qanqzta! talkin' tO a few qoOd ladiez and a few qoOd men
sexual preference  i ain`t qon jump arOund nO bush...qon qive it tO ya`llz flat out. i`m bi. yup. and i like it. dOn`t start tO trip & shit. i talk to qirlz that are bi & lez, i ain`t bout to hit on no female that ain`t shit is stupid. ain`t qon qet no where like dat right?
heiqht  5'7"
weiqht  134
hair color  burqundy
eye color  brown
race  puertO rican, blacc & italian

( favorites )

color  red, blacc, white
movie  hOw hiqh, friday triloqy, & fast & the furiOus
rapper  fabOlous, ll coOl j, dmc & jmj *rip*, ludacris, 50 cent, anqie martinez & sean paul
sinqer  ashanti, faith evans, mariah carey, jaheim, usher, tyrese
cd  ludacris - back fOr the first time // jay-z - the qift/the curse
restaurant  justin`z fasho
foOd  italian, sOuthern & mexican
bball team  the knicks of course
music  hip-hop, rap & r&b

( the qood & the bad )

lykez  music, dancin, rappinq, writinq, partyinq, clothes, p. diddy, ja rule, runninq, strippinq with mah girl tiana lol, qoinq tO virqin & flirtinq with the security quards sO i can meet 2!

dislykez  liars, haterz, joqqerz, lyinq hoes, hoes, homophobez, annoyinq ass people durinq TV shows that won`t shutup

Interests:97: 2pac, 50 cent, aaliyah, acting, alicia keys, ashanti, bath salts, bebe, bet, biggie smalls, body spray, bow wow, brooklyn, bubble baths, burberry, bustah rhymes, cam'ron, camron, candles, cars, christina aguilera, clothes, cosmotology, dancing, designing, destiny's child, dj clue, dolce & gabana, fabolous, foxy brown, gucci, hair, hip hop, hip huggers, hip-hop, ja rule, jay-z, jennifer lopez, jlo, junior mafia, justin timberlake, lesbians, lil cease, lil kim, lil romeo, lil wayne, lil zane, lip gloss, ll cool j, lollipops, ludacris, makeup, manhattan, master p, mtv, murda inc., music, mystikal, nails, nas, nelly, new jersey, notorious big, nyc, nyu, obie trice, p diddy, panties, peircings, prada, queens, r&b, rap, rapping, run dmc, running, sex, shoes, shopping, st. lunatics, stripping, target, the bronx, the internet, thongs, thugs, tlc, traveling, tyrese, usher, versace, victoria's secret, walking, web design, will smith, working out, writing
Friends:23: babii_doll, bellababiix0, blurtyawards, blurty_awards, boriqua__, cdawgxox, chi_chi, crazy_sexi_qute, cuddle, fauxbeautyx, letmebe, lildorkiemaxo, lipql0ss, miixed_emotiion, platinum_awards, player, sexiiful_awards, sortaflyy, superstarr, xtc_skank, yofli, _allure, _mesmerize
Account type:Early Adopter

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